The paths of your destiny is laid out in front of you. Which will you choose? ~A Warrior RP that takes place before the first series.~
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 RP rules from Minkly :D

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RP rules from Minkly :D  Empty
PostSubject: RP rules from Minkly :D    RP rules from Minkly :D  EmptyWed Jul 18, 2012 11:17 pm

Okay so these are the RPing rules

Topics going at the SAME TIME do not relate to each other. Each Topic is its own world. Only once a topic is entirely finished does a cat have a memory of that topic that it can bring to others. However, only ones created after the first topic is finished. It may sound confusing, but topics shouldn't last all that long.

If a member was, for example, a kit when posting in a topic but had their ceremony and is now an apprentice, they are still a kit in that topic, NOT an apprentice. They need to finish that topic how they started it-as a kit.

Please don't post in old topics. Check the date on the latest post if you are unsure if it's recent. After about a month, it's considered an old topic and may possibly be removed.

Don't control another member's cat. If they're not posting, wait, give them time. You don't know how their life works. For all you know, they only get two hours of time a day to go on, or they're on vacation, or they had an urgent matter to attend to, or they forgot to log off, etc., etc.

Give members a chance to post. If there are more than two members involved in a topic, give everyone a chance to say something, to get a word in edge-wise. You never know when someone may have a really good reply.

Go with the flow of the topic. Whoever started it had something in mind when they made it, so don't just have a fox come out of nowhere to attack you, or interrupt a member when they're addressing another cat. It's rude and makes the topic-starter feel bad.

Maybe most important of all, ACT YOUR RANK. If you're a kit, act like a kit. Your character doesn't know anything! You've barely even been around. (and you shouldn't leave camp). If you're an apprentice, act like an apprentice. You know some things at first, sure, but that's only what you were able to gather from living for six moons inside your camp. You need to LEARN what ShadowClan smells like. You need to LEARN what death berries are. You need to LEARN the proper hunting position. You need to LEARN what the Thunderpath is. Please don't act like you know everything just so you can get your warrior name-it doesn't work like that, it'll just take longer. When you're a warrior, I'd assume you know a lot by now, but if you haven't seen something in a topic, you don't know it.

Role-play in third person. Because you aren't actually the cat, they're just your character.(What not to do) I walked through the bushes and pounced on the mouse. (Do) Mistpelt walked through the bushes and pounced on the mouse.

All role-playing topics are in past-tense. Like the actual Warriors books. Ex: Mistpelt walked down the thunderpath, and she saw the intruders a couple of fox lengths away.

Please try to write with good grammar and spelling. It's sometimes hard for others to read someones post if it doesn't have puntuation or all the words have typos. Ex: (Bad) msitpelt rann threw the bushese ot the noyse whats going on she mewed.
Ex: (Good) Mistpelt ran through the bushes to the noise. "What's going on?!" She mewed.

You may have four lifes at the same time, with some rules. You may have three warriors, and one kit/apprentice. However, they must all be in different clans. That means, your Clan Claim must be the clan you like the best. You may have more lives, ONLY if they are the kits of your life in that clan. However, that kit cannot become an apprentice until your origional life has died or become an elder. The apprentice must start out as a brand new apprentice.

You may not make any prophecies without an administrator's permission.

Absolutely No Godmoding. This is when one plays a character that can never be destroyed, harmed, is avoiding impossible amounts of damage, etc. The character, however, can hurt and/or kill the other characters without giving the other characters a chance. It is also when your cat knows knows information that they shouldn't. Do not be a Godmoder.

All cats must be at least an apprentice before "deciding" to become evil. No cat can just be born evil. Kits are born playful and happy; not dull and full of hatred. There is nothing to hate! You are toddlers.

Clan-jumping and inter-clan mates are forbidden, unless for special reasons. Moving around and having half-clan kits is confusing, and difficult to follow. Make sure you know exactly where you want your cat to be. Medicine cat relationships and inter-clan relationships are strictly for trusted site members. That means you have to be past at least one life before we will consider allowing this.

Patrols are organized by the clan deputy. Each morning and evening (and occasionally throughout the day), a patrol of warriors and their apprentices will check the borders, or gather food for the clan. If it is a hunting patrol, no cat eats until the cats in camp have had a chance to. On a border patrol, however, particularly in the morning, a cat may hunt a piece of pray to sustain themselves. This is very realistic so we hope that you will try your best to keep it as it is.

A cat's name reflects his/her personality and appearance. A kit cannot be born as Angrykit, because they are merely a kit; their parent has yet to know what they will be like. For example, if a kit is born black with white paws, their parents may name them Darkkit, or Nightkit. Also, certain 'sacred' names should be avoided. Star, Wind, Thunder, Sky, River, Shadow, Moon, Sun, that sort of name. If it is a person who has been registered for a long time, or whom is trusted, they may be allowed to use one of these names.

Starclan reveals warnings and prophecies to leaders and medicine cats, though mostly medicine cats. Your cat is not super special. Only in the case of a large plot will a prophecy be revealed to a cat of lower rank.

Medicine cats must train their apprentice before dying.

In order to have kits, a she-cat must be at least the rank of a Young Warrior. She may have a mate, but there is not actual mating until you are a warrior.

Cats cannot die until they are at least the rank of Warrior. If you have a life and would very much like to have them die at a young age, please get an administrator's permission first.

There must not be two or more events or plots going on in a clan at the same time. This same rule applies to evil/murderous cats.

I hope this gives a better undersanding about what you can do and can't do. Minkly loves you X3
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RP rules from Minkly :D
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