The paths of your destiny is laid out in front of you. Which will you choose? ~A Warrior RP that takes place before the first series.~
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 :D here comes derp!

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Rank : (hopefuly leader) o3o
Main Cat Name : Rainsong
Clan : WindClan!
Mate(s) : Wildstar
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:D here comes derp! Empty
PostSubject: :D here comes derp!   :D here comes derp! EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 3:31 pm



How much have you read of the Warrior books:all of them~

Favorite warrior(s):....all of them~

nuff said old as a young warrior is? *derp*

Current Clan:WindClan

Personality:*copys from WCC*
When she is a kit she is exciteable, adventureous, very social, and
enjoys playing around. She is prone to trouble and is always
stubborn.When she is an apprentice she is stubbon, loves hanging out
with the other apprentices and likes meeting new cats from other clans,
she is also outgoing and up beat.When she is a warrior she will mellow
out, more calm but even more ambitious,She dreams of becoming a leader,
Her major flaw is that she is too loyal to her friends, she can't give
them up not for any thing, she also has another flaw that is she always
keeps her promise no matter how bad it is,that is a pride flaw, she has
too much pride in her clan and in the things she does.

Origins:WindClan o3o

A short Role Playing sample:Rainsong slashed and growled at the rouge who by then had turned tail hand ran away. She snarls" stay away from my clan!!" Suddenly an even larger rouge appeared and brought down its claws almost toughing her face when she woke up with a star. "gah!" she shouted jumping up. she looked around, then den was empty and every one was already outside. "oh..." she felt like a mouse brain..
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Rank : [Icestar]Leader [Wingedmink]Warrior
Main Cat Name : Icestar
Clan : SkyClan,Shadow, and Wind
Mate(s) : Loinstar, none, none
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:D here comes derp! Empty
PostSubject: Re: :D here comes derp!   :D here comes derp! EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 3:33 pm

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:D here comes derp!
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