The paths of your destiny is laid out in front of you. Which will you choose? ~A Warrior RP that takes place before the first series.~
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 Claw (Official WW Plot)

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Rank : [Lionstar]Leader [Hawkstrike]Warrior [Rainpatter]Warrior
Main Cat Name : Lionstar
Clan : RiverClan
Mate(s) : [Lionstar]Icestar
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Mouse Tails : 196
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Age : 20
Location : In the wonderful world of Lionacorns
Quote : Beh beh, bahbeh

Claw (Official WW Plot) Empty
PostSubject: Claw (Official WW Plot)   Claw (Official WW Plot) EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 5:32 pm

Name: Claw
Gender: Male
How much have you read of the Warrior books: All of theeeeem
Favorite warrior(s): Hawkfrost
Looks: A large, scarred tom with a scar running down his face and shoulder.
Age: 50 moons
Current Clan: ClawClan (Unoffical clan) Leader
Personality: Mean, rude, and insanly evil
Origins: Rouge
A short Role Playing sample: Claw laughed bitterly. "Yeah, and I suppose rats are supposed to live too!" he snickered, and leaped at the small kit.
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Claw (Official WW Plot)
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