The paths of your destiny is laid out in front of you. Which will you choose? ~A Warrior RP that takes place before the first series.~
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 The cat who kills the killer.

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Rank : (hopefuly leader) o3o
Main Cat Name : Rainsong
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Mate(s) : Wildstar
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PostSubject: The cat who kills the killer.   Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:44 pm



How much have you read of the Warrior books:alll~

Favorite warrior(s):so many ;~;

Looks:[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Age:50 moons (same age as claw)

Current Clan:Shadow

Personality:She is ferice when portecting her clan, she is loyal and brave. She will go agaised all odds and some how pull though when she puts her mind to it. when she is not fighting, she is sweet and friendly.

Origins:Shadow. *derp*

A short Role Playing sample: SilverStripe carryed the kit from the den and ran for the leader's den.In the fight, the nursery had been destroyed. She dropped the tiny kit in the nest and turned around and slashed at the rouge who followed her in. "Stay away from the clans!" she snapped and slamed her paws on the rouges head.Knocking him out."stay here." she whispered to the kit before running out to get its other tiny sibling.
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The Wild Wolf's Fang

The Wild Wolf's Fang

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Main Cat Name : Wildstar
Clan : WindClan
Mate(s) : Rainsong
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PostSubject: Re: The cat who kills the killer.   Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:51 pm

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The cat who kills the killer.
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