The paths of your destiny is laid out in front of you. Which will you choose? ~A Warrior RP that takes place before the first series.~
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 MoonClan's Prophecy

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MoonClan's Prophecy Empty
PostSubject: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:00 pm

"The blazing snow and the flickering flame will have powers greater than StarClan, and they will come together to melt the darkness that threatens MoonClan and restore peace to the forest"

MoonClan is a proud, single clan hidden away in a forest. They live in peace and harmony with each other, but when cats are mysteriously being murdered in cold blood, they must turn to their last resort, a moons old prophecy that foretells of the Two will will rescue MoonClan from a terrible darkness. Follow two young sisters, Snowkit and Flamekit, as they climb their way through the ranks and help the Clan unlock the secrets of the prophecy, maybe learning more than they ever expected.


MoonClan's Prophecy is a fan fiction of the Warriors series(by Erin Hunter) written by Morningstar
MoonClan's Prophecy is rated PG due to intense and detailed fighting scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.
MoonClan's Prophecy is copywrite to Morningstar. Do not tweak, re-write or steal it. Do not redistribute without permission of the author.

Started April, 2012. Finished ----


MoonClan's Prophecy is based off of a Warriors RPG on another website. Some of the warrior names may be names you have seen on other warriors websites or this one because the people who role played those characters are the same as the people who role played in my RPG (ie: Lion owns Lilacslash and plays her on multiple websites, including my own)


MoonClan's Prophecy is on multiple different websites like....



You don't need an account to view either websites, but you do need one to commet and vote and favorite and stuff like that.



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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:02 pm


[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:03 pm


Moonstar- white she-cat with amber eyes (Queen; nursing Flamekit and Snowkit)

Scorchfur- ash colored tom with amber eyes

~*Medicine Cat*~
Sparrowfeather- dark tabby she-cat with a white stomach and chest. She has violet eyes.
Apprentice, Mallowpaw- orange and white she-cat with amber eyes

Blackpelt- dark gray tom with a white front paw and green eyes
Dayflight- a yellowish tom with darker markings and has one blue eye and one green eye
Branchflight- light tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Thrushpaw
Blossomflower- calico she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice, Cinderpaw
Lilyfur- orange and white she-cat with blue eyes
Sunheart- orange colored tom with blue eyes
Fleetwind- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Shimmermist- silver she-cat with blue eyes
Heatherpool- silver she-cat with darker markings and green eyes
Apprentice, Marshpaw
Ashclaw- dark gray tom with blue eyes
Apprentice, Robinpaw
Foxwhisper- reddish tom with green eyes
Mapleheart- orange and white she-cat with amber eyes
Morningfur- dark tabby she-cat with green eyes
Coldheart- white and grey tom with blue eyes
Flamedsparks- orange and white she-cat with amber eyes
Whitefoot- orange tabby she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

Thrushpaw- light brown tom with a white streak on his chest and he has green eyes
Cinderpaw- gray she-cat with darker flecks and white paws and blue eyes
Robinpaw- reddish tom with amber eyes
Marshpaw- black and white tom with blue eyes

Kindheart- calico she-cat with green eyes (nursing Lilackit and Sootkit)

Dappleclaw- dark gray tabby tom with black markings and amber eyes
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:05 pm


[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Left- MoonClan's territory
Right- Twoleg's version of MoonClan's territory

MoonClan's Camp- Their camp where they sleep and eat and such.
Training Hollow- A small clearing. It is where the mentors like to train their apprentices in different moves, battle or hunting.
Clearing- Just a clearing next to the river.
River- The river.
Boundaries include forest shown in the pic on the right side of the
river. They hunt when they are desperate on the left side because nobody
uses it, but it isn't actually considered their territory. Same with
the fields.
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:05 pm


Cats battled and screeched in a forest clearing. Pools of blood and tufts of fur littered the ground. Heavy rain clouds covered the sky, but the rain did not yet come. Tall oak trees reached up toward them, as if trying the claw at the clouds, rip them open and soak up the water that they provided.

A short-haired white she-cat with amber eyes exploded from the battling cats and skidded to a stop in front of a huge brown tabby tom that stood at the edge of the clearing. The she-cat's claws were unsheathed and her pelt was fluffed up with anger. She had a gash on her shoulder and a cut here and there, but that was all.

"Oak! Take your pack and leave MoonClan territory now!" the she-cat yowled at the tom.

"I don't think so, Moonstar," Oak growled, "You had your chance to leave peacefully, but you decided to stay and feel our wrath! So now we will kill every one of you, and then we will take your territory for ourselves!"

Moonstar yowled in rage and threw herself at Oak. He reared up to meet her, and the two bodies collided. They rolled and twisted in the dirt, a screeching, snarling mass of brown and white fur. Finally, Oak managed to pin Moonstar beneath him. Both of their pelts had tufts of fur missing and were bloody and ruffled.

"You fight like a kit," Oak snarled in Moonstar's face.

Moonstar's ears were laid back and she hissed, her razor sharp teeth showing. She tried to lash out at him, but he was too strong, and she couldn't get her paws free.

"It's useless!" Oak sneered. "First, I am going to kill you. Then your precious clan! And there's nothing you can do about it!" Oak bit down on her throat and blood instantly welled up around it. Moonstar struggled, trying to throw him off, but he was too heavy, and she was getting weaker and weaker. She glared up at Oak, a last act of the dying. Her head fell back and her amber eyes closed. She gave a last, choked breath, then became still. Blood welled up in her mouth and trickled down out of the corner, staining her snow white pelt.

Oak let go of his grip on Moonstar's throat. "That was too easy," he meowed, sitting up and licking his jaws. He got off of her, grabbed her scruff, and pulled her towards the center of the clearing. He then stood straight up, head held high, next to the body of the clan leader.

"Stop!" Oak yowled. Almost instantly, his cats fell away from the clan cats. "Your leader is dead!" he announced to the battered clan. "Surrender now!"

Horrified wails rose up from the clan cats. "You're wrong!" one cry rose up above the others. "Moonstar lives! She possesses the nine lives of a leader!" The cry had come from an orange and white tabby she-cat. Her pelt was stained with blood, but mostly not her own. She had a cut above one eye and bite marks on one leg. She was young, not yet fully grown, but possessed the attitude of a fully fledged warrior, which shone in her eyes.

"Lilypaw! Shush!" an ash-colored tom growled to the apprentice. Lilypaw stared at him defiantly, but kept her mouth shut.

Oak let out a laugh that echoed around the clearing. "No cat can possess nine lives!" he meowed. "See?" He pushed her and rolled her body over. A loud humph came from the body.

Oak's ears instantly pricked, as well as the cats around him, both clan and rogue. He leaned closer, sniffing her body. "Wait a minute," he growled.

Suddenly, Moonstar heaved herself up, striking at Oak, who let out a yowl of shock and stumbled away as the claws scraped his cheek.

"H-how" fear gripped his eyes for a second. The blood on her neck was still there, but the wound was visibly gone.

Moonstar launched herself at Oak, ignoring his stammering. Cats rushed forward to help, but a black she-cat raced to the front first. "Stop!" she cried. "This is between the leaders only." Despite her stopping the others, it was clear in her worried gaze and the flicking of her tail as she watched the two battle that she wanted to jump into the fight as much as the others and protect and defend her leader.

Moonstar and Oak fought, slashing at each other with claws unsheathed. Rejuvenated and strengthened, Moonstar easily overpowered Oak and lashed out at him. She clawed at his face, then, while he was stumbling away from the blow, pushed him over and quickly inflicted a long wound to his exposed stomach.

Oak let out a yowl of pain and rolled away from her. He pulled himself to his paws, stumbled a bit, and then launched himself at Moonstar, who ducked underneath him.

Surprised, he landed on the ground clumsily and lost his balance. Moonstar threw herself at him, trying to land on his back, but he had already moved away. The second that she hit the ground, Oak dove forward and sank his teeth into her forepaw.

Moonstar hissed in pain and clawed at him, trying to dislodge him. He gripped her forepaw harder, and Moonstarsank her teeth into his ear and pulled back, shredding it.

Oak yowled in pain and fell away. He rose up on his hind paws above her, infinite anger flashing in his eyes. Seeing the chance, Moonstar leaped up and sank her teeth deep into his throat. She jerked away quickly, tearing a huge gash into his neck, and landed on the ground lightly.

"No!" The black she-cat yowled as she watched Oak fall backwards and collapse to the ground, blood pouring from the wound. She rushed forward, pushing Moonstar aside. "Oak!"

Oak turned his head slowly to look at her. "Midnight?" he croaked, his voice only a faint, rasping whisper.

"I'm here" the she-cat said. She began to lick his wound, but Oak pushed her away, cringing at the pain.

"It's....too late" he gasped out.

"No! I can help you! You'll be fine! Just let me clean your wound!" Midnight yowled desperately, trying to lick his wounds clean again.

"I' a place for the Star Filled Life," Oak whispered between breaths. He took a final, shuddering gasp, his head fell back, and his body grew still. His blue, sightless eyes stared up at the dark, cloudy sky.

"No!" Midnight screeched. "Oak! My love! Don't leave me!" She buried her muzzle into his blood-stained fur.

The rain started to pour, as if mourning the death of the big brown tabby. Moonstar stepped forward, bloody water streaming from her pelt. "Leave" she said. "Your leader is dead. We have defeated you."

Midnight's head jerked up, her eyes flashing with anger as she turned to face Moonstar. "This is your fault!" she screeched. "Remember that! You have made a dangerous enemy!" And with that, she gripped Oak's scruff and began to drag him out of camp. A few cats ran up to help her, while the rest filed out of the camp, casting back glances filled with hate and anger.

Moonstar watched them go, and then turned to face her clan. Rain poured from the sky, and everybody was drenched. A few cats had shocked faces as they had watched the battle unfold. Puddles, turned red with the blood that stained the ground, littered the clearing. She sighed. "I fear we have not seen the last of them."

Cats filed into a huge clearing with a large boulder jutting up from the center. Most cats were faded, all on varying degrees, and the trees behind them were visible through their pelts. All had stars around their paws and clinging to their pelt.

Cats filled up the clearing until there was no more room, and the rest had to stand at the edge. Soon, a white and black tom leaped up onto the rock. He was one of the most faded cats there, but it didn't hide his size and the strength in the muscles that rippled under his fur.

The tom raised his head to address the cats below. "Hello, StarClan" he called out. "For those who don't know me, I am Spottedstar. But that is beside the point." His gaze raked the crowd. "MoonClan is in grave danger. It's time to reveal the Great Prophecy."

There were gasps and shocked cries from all around. "Do you mean the prophecy that foretells of the End of MoonClan?" a cat called out from the crowd.

Spottedstar paused for a second, afraid to answer, before saying grimly, "Yes." Despair whipped through the cats. A few cats yowled in agony.

"But you mustn't forget!" a cat called out. An orange tabby she-cat with a white belly and paws launched herself onto the rock. Her pelt wasn't as faded as Spottedstar's, but it was easy to see she had been in StarClan a while. "It also foretells of the Two who are destined to save MoonClan!"

"Maplestar," Spottedstar looked at the she-cat, "The prophecy predicts horrible dangers and great destructions. Can two cats really defeat it themselves?"

"They aren't normal cats, and you know it, Spottedstar," Maplestar meowed, looking him in the eyes. "The prophecy tells that they will have power greater than StarClan!"

Spottedstar fidgeted uncomfortably. He opened his mouth to say something, when a voice yowled from the gathered cats. "When will the Two be born?"

Maplestar looked at the crowd in the direction of the yowl. "The prophecy does not speak of when. We have no knowledge of their birth."

"What if they are too late?" another cat yowled.

Maplestar stared at the crowd, unable to answer. Fear began slowly rising from the gathered cats, their fur rising along their spines.

"Is this really the end?" a cat called out.

Maplestar sighed. "We can't give up hope now. We must believe that the Two are powerful enough to defeat this destruction and save MoonCla-" she was cut off by a shadow passing over the clearing.

All heads whipped upward. Cats screeched in fear, shock and agony as a huge, dark mass passed over the sun, blocking it and letting very little light shine down from the edges of the darkness.

"No!" Spottedstar meowed. He ran to the edge of the boulder. "It's time! Its here!" he yowled. "The darkness that is prophesied to destroy MoonClan is here!"

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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:09 pm

Chapter 1

Snowkit sat by her mother, Moonstar, and watched as Scorchfur set up the patrols for the day. All the warriors and apprentices clustered around him, some still grooming, some who never bothered, and some that looked like they were about to fall asleep right there on their paws.

"Mother, when can I go out on a patrol?" Snowkit asked, looking up at Moonstar.

Moonstar looked down at her kit and purred, her amber eyes glowing with amusement. "When you become an apprentice, you can go on patrols with the other apprentices and the warriors. But for now," Snowkit flattened her ears as Moonstar licked her head, "you must stay with me in camp. Now go play with your sister."

Snowkit stood up as Moonstar gave her a nudge with her muzzle. She scanned the clearing for her the orange tabby she-cat that was her sister, Flamekit, finally spotting her playing with Sootkit and Lilackit, Scorchfur and Kindheart's kits. Snowkit padded over, ears pricking to catch their conversation as she neared.

"....and that is why I will always be a better fighter than you!" Lilackit was finishing saying something to Flamekit, who looked a little hurt.

"Don't talk to my sister that way!" Snowkit growled angrily, trotting up to stand by her sister.

Lilackit snorted. "Both of you are weak," she said, annoyed.

"Don't listen to her," Snowkit meowed to Flamekit. "She's just jealous because our mom is the Clan leader!"

Lilackit's black fur rose along her spine. "You'll pay for that!" She hissed, throwing herself at Snowkit.

Snowkit let out a yowl of surprise. They were all about a moon old, separated by only a few days, so they were all roughly around the same size. But despite this, Lilackit easily pinned down Snowkit.

"Ha! You can't even win a fight!" Lilackit taunted.

Snowkit growled and pushed Lilackit off. She stood up, and looked around at the warriors who were now breaking away from Scorchfur, the patrols getting ready to leave. She turned to look back at the others. "Come on, Flamekit. Let's go see if Sunheart will play with us." she said, walking away.

Snowkit padded up to Sunheart, an orange tabby tom with blue eyes. Fleetwind and he had been named warriors a few days before Snowkit and Flamekit were kitted. Lilackit and Sootkit were born the same day.

"Hey, Sunheart, Want to play?" Flamekit asked, bouncing around his paws.

Sunheart let out a purr. "Sure! I still have some time before the Sunhigh patrol!" he meowed, and padded towards the warriors den. He disappeared inside for a few seconds before reappearing with a moss ball in his jaws. He dropped it in front of Snowkit and Flamekit. "Here," he said, "I'm going to hit this across the clearing. First one to get to it and bring it back to me wins!"

Snowkit bounced excitedly. She crouched down, ready to spring at the moss ball. Flamekit did the same. Sunheart swiped at the moss ball, making it fly across the clearing. It landed a couple of fox-lengths away from them.

Snowkit and Flamekit barreled after it. Flamekit slowly drew ahead of Snowkit, catching the moss ball first. "Oh no, you don't!" Snowkit called. She hurled herself at her sister, and the two tussled before Snowkit got away, the moss ball in her mouth.

Snowkit could hear Flamekit's paw steps behind her. She was catching up! Snowkit hurtled herself the last few mouse-lengths before skidding to a halt next to Sunheart, almost crashing into his front legs. She dropped the moss ball by his paws, panting.

Flamekit padded up and collapsed on her side next to Snowkit. "Good job," she breathed.

"You too," Snowkit replied between pants.

Sunheart purred. "Want me to hit again?" he asked.

"Yes!" Flamekit squeaked excitedly, leaping to her paws, suddenly filled with renewed energy. Her orange fur fluffed up with excitement, her green eyes shining.

Snowkit bounced around, ready for Sunheart to hit it across the clearing. He was about to take a swipe when a flash of black raced by and the moss ball disappeared.

"That was too easy," Lilackit sneered, the moss ball at her paws. Snowkit glared at her.

"Give it back!" Snowkit growled.

"No," Lilackit meowed smugly.

Sunheart reached forward and snagged the moss ball away from Lilackit before she could react. "Lilackit, stop being so mean. They just want to play"

"A real warrior doesn't play," Lilackit sneered.

"You're not a warrior yet," Sunheart reminded her. "You're not even an apprentice!"

Lilackit opened her mouth to object, but suddenly she was scooped up by her mother.

"I'm sorry if she caused trouble," Scorchfur said, who was standing next to Kindheart. The clan Deputy looked angry with his daughter, who was struggling in Kindheart's grasp.

Sunheart dipped his head. "It's fine," he said.

Snowkit let out a humph! It was not fine! Why did Lilackit have to be so mean?

Scorchfur and Kindheart padded away, Lilackit still struggling.

"Still want to play?" Sunheart asked, turning to face them.

"Sure," Snowkit said half-heartedly. Truthfully, she really didn't, but Flamekit looked like she did, and Snowkit didn't want to disappoint her.

Sunheart hit the moss ball across the clearing again, and Snowkit and Flamekit raced after it. Again, Flamekit reached the moss ball first. Snowkit tried to attack, but Flamekit had learned. She ducked away, and barreled towards Sunheart. Snowkit scrambled on the ground for a few moments before gaining her balance and racing after Flamekit.

Flamekit slid to a stop in front of Sunheart. Snowkit stopped next to her sister, panting hard again.

"Ha! I won!" Flamekit meowed proudly.

"That was a good move, Flamekit! Learn from your enemies. That's how you win your battles." Sunheart meowed.

Flamekit puffed out her chest, pride showing in her eyes as she was congratulated by the warrior. Snowkit rolled her eyes. She leaped at her sister, and the two tumbled in the dirt until Snowkit had Flamekit pinned under her.

"And that's how I win my battles," she meowed to her sister playfully.

Flamekit pushed Snowkit off and attacked the moss ball. She batted it away from her. Snowkit instantly leaped at it, landing squarely on it. She hit it away from her, and Flamekit attacked it. Together, the two batted it across the clearing. Suddenly, Snowkit slammed into somebody's legs.

"Hey! Watch it! Don't they teach kits these days to pay attention?" an old voice rasped. Snowkit looked up to see Dappleclaw, the only elder in the clan. He was a grumpy old gray tom with black markings and amber eyes. He would have been a handsome tom back in his day, but age has made his pelt scraggly and seasons of battles had left him with many scars. But, when he got started on a story, he was suddenly filled with life as he remembered the times of his past, and he wasn't so grumpy.

"Dappleclaw, I'm sorry!" Snowkit squeaked.

Dappleclaw let out a huff. "Just keep your eyes open, ok, Snowkit? You wouldn't want to accidently wind up in trouble!"

Snowkit nodded. Flamekit bounded up to stand beside her sister. "Dappleclaw, do you have any new stories to tell us?" she asked, her eyes glittering with excitement.

"No, not now" Dappleclaw meowed.

"Oh please!" Flamekit pleaded.

Dappleclaw sighed. "Oh, alright, come on, and I'll tell you of the time dogs invaded our territory, and we had to chase them out!"

Snowkit and Flamekit followed him eagerly to the Elder's den. Once inside, Dappleclaw settled into his nest and nodded to place near him where he could tell them the story. The two sisters sat down and were instantly alert, ready for him to begin.

"Well, if I remember correctly, this was back when Lionstar led the clan, and your mother and father were no more than kits like you!" Dappleclaw began. "It was in the middle of green-leaf, and I was on a border patrol, when we smelled strange scents. They were dogs, we could tell right away. We tracked them until we found them, a small pack of four or five dogs. They were wild. There were no Twolegs around.

"Lionstar was furious, and instantly made a strategy to get rid of them. One patrol would attack the dogs, drive them back, and start to chase them away. When they reached a certain destination, another patrol would take over."

Snowkit and Flamekit drank up his words. He had many good stories, and they had never heard this one. Before they knew it, it was Sunhigh, and Moonstar was looking for them.

"Flamekit, Snowkit, Are you in here?" Moonstar asked, sticking her head into the den. "Ah! I knew I'd find you in here!"

Dappleclaw looked up at Moonstar. "I was just finishing telling them the story
about the small dog pack that crossed into our territory." he said.

Moonstar purred. "I remember that! I wanted to go on those patrols so badly!" she exclaimed. Then she looked down at her kits and meowed, "Come on! Stop annoying Dappleclaw with your begging! And don't forget to tell him thank you!" She disappeared back outside.

"Thank you, Dappleclaw!" Snowkit meowed, getting up and following her mother.

"Yeah! Thanks! It was a great story!" Flamekit said, padding after her sister.

"Goodbye! I have plenty more stories if you want to hear some more later!" Dapplecaw called after the kits.

Snowkit and Flamekit followed Moonstar into the clearing. She turned to face them "I'm going out for a walk" she meowed. "Dayflight is out on Sunhigh patrol, so I want you two to be good while we are both out of camp, ok?"

Snowkit and Flamekit nodded. Dayflight was their father, a yellowish orange tabby with darker stripes, which was the reason Flamekit had orange fur, instead of white like Moonstar. Snowkit, however, had gotten her white fur and amber eyes from her mother.

"Go play with Sootkit. He's all alone and bored while Lilackit is confined to the Nursery as punishment for earlier," Moonstar meowed, flicking her head to the ash-colored kit sitting in the clearing. He did look bored as he stared at the ground.

Snowkit and Flamekit watched their mother walk away, and then padded over to Sootkit.

"Hey Sootkit, want to play? Flamekit meowed as they approached.

Sootkit looked at them, and then jumped up. "Yeah!" he meowed excitedly, "What do you want to do?" he asked. Snowkit shrugged. Sootkit scanned the clearing, and then gave a mischievous smile. "We should attack Scorchfur!"

The clan deputy sat at the edge of the clearing, sharing tongues with his mate, Kindheart.

"Yeah!" Snowkit squeaked.

"I'm in!" Flamekit meowed excitedly.

Sootkit instantly crouched down. "Follow me," he whispered.

Snowkit and Flamekit crouched down, too, and followed Sootkit across the clearing to the side a ways from Scorchfur and Kindheart. The slunk up behind him, slowly, carefully, until they were right behind. Snowkit accidently stepped on a small twig, making a loud crack! Scorchfur and Kindheart's ears shot up, but it was too late. The three kits leaped, attacking the clan deputy, who let out a yowl of surprise.

Sootkit went for the head, biting down on his father's ear, but not hard enough to puncture the thin skin. Flamekit attacked Scorchfur's tail, triumphantly pinning it to the ground and nibbling on the end. Snowkit leaped onto his back, gripping onto his fur.

Scorchfur played along, rolling onto his side, careful not to crush the kits. "You got me!" he meowed.

Sootkit scrambled onto Scorchfur's shoulder and meowed, "We have defeated the rogue!"

A chorus of cheers came from the surrounding cats, who had been watching everything unfold with amusement glimmering in their eyes. Sootkit, Snowkit and Flamekit let Scorchfur up, who shook out his pelt, a little embarrassed.

"You did well," he meowed to the kits. Kindheart nodded.

"Come on!" Sootkit meowed to Snowkit and Flamekit. "Let's go play!"

Moonstar and Dayflight had both entered the camp ages ago, but Snowkit and Flamekit were too busy playing with Sootkit to realize. As it was starting to get dark, Moonstar padded up behind them and meowed, "Time for bed, you two!"

"Aw!" the sisters said in unison, both still wanting to play.

"You too mister!" Kindheart said, coming up behind her son. Sootkit groaned as well.

"Bye, guys," he meowed grumpily, then turned and padded after his mother to the Nursery.

Snowkit and Flamekit trudged away, following Moonstar to her den. Snowkit looked up at the darkening sky and the stars, each representing a warrior of StarClan. There were so many!

Snowkit closed her eyes as a gentle breeze ruffled her pelt. Suddenly, she sat at the bottom of a tree. It loomed way over her. She dove into a small hole under the tree, too small for even a kit to squeeze through. She scuttled into darkness until she entered a small chamber, the walls made of tightly packed dirt, dried mud and leaves. A little bit of moonlight filtered down the tunnel she had just passed through. She saw little, tiny hairless baby mice in a nest, squeaking for their mother.

Snowkit's eyes shot open, her fur fluffed up, thankful to find her still looking up at the stars, the trees surrounding the camp back to their normal size.

"Snowkit!" Moonstar called from her den entrance. Snowkit's head whipped down to look at her mother, who was waiting next to Flamekit, then ran to catch up with them.

"Are you ok?" Moonstar asked, looking her kit over. Snowkit forced her fur to lie flat.

"Yeah," Snowkit meowed, surprised to find her voice steady despite the fear she felt. "I'm fine."

Moonstar's amber gaze bored into Snowkit a few moments longer before the clan leader turned and pushed into her den. Snowkit and Flamekit followed after.

Moonstar settled into her nest. Snowkit crawled over the edge and lay down next to her mother, Flamekit squeezing in next to her. Snowkit felt Moonstar's tail lay over her back. She watched her sister and mother fall asleep, their breath getting slower.

But Snowkit couldn't sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about the vision she had received. Did all cats get visions like that? Was it some kind of omen from StarClan? Why would they send her, a kit, an omen? Should she talk to her mother and Sparrowfeather? Was it just her imagination?

So many questions spun around in Snowkit's head. She finally laid her head down and closed her eyes. She tried to calm her mind down. It took a long time, but eventually, fatigue took over and she fell asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:10 pm

Chapter 2

Flamekit woke to early morning sunlight streaming into the Leader's Den.
She lifted her head and looked around, blinking the sleep from her
eyes. The Leader's Den was a thick tangle of roots under the High Limb.
The ground sloped downwards from the entrance. Moonstar's nest lay in
the back, along with a small pool of water off to the side of the den.

head was resting on Flamekit's back. Flamekit purred and licked her
sister's ear, waking her. Snowkit lifted her head and yawned, her small
teeth shining in the dawn light.

"Good morning," Flamekit meowed.

Snowkit answered drowsily, her eyes half closed. Moonstar shifted next
to them and raised her head. She yawned and stretched, her legs reaching
over the side of the nest.

"Good morning!" she meowed. She sat
up in her nest and began first grooming Flamekit. Flamekit's ears
flattened against her head as her mother's tongue groomed her head. She
helped Flamekit wash herself before moving on to Snowkit, who was
instantly alert and started squirming.

"Hold still!" Moonstar
meowed, wrapping a paw around Snowkit and dragging her closer to her.
Snowkit tried to scramble away, but Moonstar held her fast.

laughed at her sister, who shot her a death glare. When Moonstar was
finished, Snowkit instantly leaped away, tackling Flamekit. The two
tumbled out of the nest, still fighting with claws sheathed.

neatly pried the two apart, grumbling. "You'll mess your fur up! You
can't go out looking like that! What would the clan think of me?"
Moonstar fretted, promptly scooping up her kits and began grooming their
now ruffled and dirty pelts again.

When she was done, they all
left the den. A chilly draft ruffled their fur. Moonstar looked up at
the clouded sky. "Leaf-fall is coming, and it will be an unusually cold
one," she meowed, looking down at her kits, a hint of worry flashing in
her eyes.

Flamekit sniffed the ground. It was hard, frozen by the nights chill. Suddenly, a flash of white barreled her over.

Flamekit yowled in surprise as Snowkit tackled her. The two fought in
the clearing until Flamekit had Snowkit pinned beneath her. "Ha!" she
meowed in Snowkit's face.

Snowkit pushed her sister off and sat up. Flamekit heard Moonstar sighed, and looked back at her.

"I give up on trying keeping your fur clean!" she said before padding away to join the throng of warriors around Scorchfur.

looked down at her pelt to find it ruffled, with grass and dirt stuck
to it. Snowkit was the same, except it showed up a lot better on her
snow white pelt. Flamekit laughed. "You look like you were attacked by
the dirt monster!"

Snowkit leaped at her and pushed her down. "So do you!" she meowed in Flamekit's face.

wriggled away and stood up. She was about to say something back when
Lilackit padded up, a smug look on her face. Sootkit trailed behind her.

"Hey, mouse-brains," she meowed.

Flamekit sighed. "What do you want?" she growled.

have a plan," Lilackit announced. She looked around quickly to make
sure nobody was around before whispering, "To sneak out of camp!"

Snowkit gasped. "But it's not allowed!"

Lilackit asked, looking annoyed. "Come on! It'll be fun! Soot kit's
coming, aren't you, Sootkit?" Lilackit turned to look at her brother.

Sootkit's head shot up "What? Oh! Yeah, I'm going!"

Flamekit stared at him. Despite the confidence he had in his voice, there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

"So? Are you coming?" Lilackit asked, turning back to Flamekit and Snowkit "Or are you too scared?"

Flamekit growled. "I'll go," she hissed, determined not to let Lilackit win.

Snowkit stared at her, a shocked expression on her face. "But, Flamekit!"

"Oh come on!" Lilackit growled. "What could happen?"

Snowkit stared at her for a few seconds before grumbling, "Fine! I'll go."

"Good." Lilackit growled. "Let's go, while the warriors aren't looking. We can go out the dirt place."

turned to walk away, but Flamekit blocked her path. "No. We should go
out behind the apprentice's den. The dirt place is too predictable."

Lilackit growled, "It's my plan, so we'll do as I say!"

"Fine. Then I'll stay here ad wait until you're gone, then I'll go tell Scorchfur!" Flamekit hissed.

growled. "Fine! We'll go out behind the behind apprentice's den!" She
turned and padded towards it, the others following. "I hope you know,"
Lilackit looked back at Flamekit, "when you step out of the camp, we'll
both be at fault."

Flamekit glared at her and nodded. The four kits slid behind the apprentice's den and out into the forest.

"Wow!" Snowkit meowed, stopping and looking up at the trees. They towered above, a thick green canopy of leaves.

"Come on!" Lilackit called, racing into some bushes. Flamekit ran after her, followed by Snowkit, and then, lastly, Sootkit.

four kits raced through the forest. A mouse scuttled past them. Out of
the corner of her eye, Flamekit saw Snowkit slide to a stop in front of
the mouse, shock spread across her face, before continuing on. That was weird, she thought. Oh well. She probably just had a bad dream or something.

the more Flamekit thought about it, the more she questioned it. What
kind of dream would make you scared of a mouse? Was it really that bad?
Flamekit decided to question her sister later. Instead, she decided to
enjoy what was happening now.

Lilackit suddenly halted, and Flamekit nearly crashed into her. "Hey! Watch it!" Lilackit growled.

Flamekit glared at her as the others ran up. "Why'd we stop?" Sootkit asked.

Look!" Lilackit jerked her head towards the bushes. Flamekit peered
through to see a huge clearing. Ashclaw was in the clearing, along with
Robinpaw. The big dark gray tom was teaching Robinpaw a battle move.

you are attacking a cat, you must make sure to use your tail as
balance, or else you will fall, and your opponent will quickly take
advantage of your fall," Ashclaw was saying.

Robinpaw nodded,
crouched, and then leaped at Ashclaw. Flamekit couldn't quite understand
what he was doing with his tail, but he stayed perfectly balanced in
the air, and managed to tackle Ashclaw.

Flamekit noticed Lilackit
watching intently. It was a little creepy, how concentrated she was.
"Um, come on. Let's continue on," Flamekit said.

Lilackit's head jerked up. "What? Oh, yeah let's go!" She took off into the bushes.

Snowkit and Sootkit followed. She wondered where they were going. Would
they cross the border? If so, would they recognize it?

quite a run, they broke out into a clearing. Flamekit skidded to a halt,
mouth gaped. The clearing was very large, marking the edge of the
trees. On the other side of the clearing, a river flowed, sparkling and
beautiful. On the other side of the river was a forest just like the one
on this side.

"Cool!" Snowkit meowed, padding up to the river
cautiously. She sniffed it, then reached out and touched it with a paw.
"Whoa! It's cold!"

"Be careful!" Flamekit called nervously. She didn't want her sister to fall in and be swept away.

Snowkit took a few steps back. She turned to look at them all. "Come here and feel the water!"

slid up to the side of the river and prodded the surface with her paw.
"It is cold!" she meowed, shaking her paw and stepping back.

Flamekit, too, felt the surface, along with Sootkit. It was
cold. It was freezing! Flamekit slowly leaned down and lapped up the
water. It was freezing in her mouth, but warmed up quickly in the heat
of her body. She swallowed. "Yum! It's good!"

The others drank a little of the water, refreshing themselves after running so far.

"See? I don't understand why the warriors won't let us go out! We can handle ourselves!" Lilackit meowed.

"Yeah!" Flamekit agreed. Wow, she thought, I never imagined I would ever agree with Lilackit!

should go back," Sootkit said, looking up at the sky, "before they
notice we're gone." Everybody agreed, and they set off for home.

padded alongside her sister. Lilackit had again taken the lead, and
Sootkit had again fallen behind to take the rear. They were like a real

Suddenly, Flamekit felt a tug. "Stop it!" she growled at Snowkit.

Snowkit looked at her incredulously. "Stop what? I'm not doing anything!"

felt the tug again. She looked around, but there was nothing. She
suddenly realized it was in her MIND. Grumbling, she tried to ignore it.
But it kept getting stronger. Fear washed over her, and she didn't know
why. Finally, after trying to ignore it, she let the tug enter her

One thing came to mind instantly. Flamekit halted, suddenly terrified. "There's a fox coming!"

The others stopped and looked at her. "A fox?" Sootkit asked. Flamekit nodded.

Lilackit sniffed the air. "I don't smell anything! How do you know one is coming?"

Flamekit looked around. "I don't know. I just, sense it or something."

snorted. "Yeah. Whatever!" she said before continuing on. Snowkit and
Sootkit followed instantly, but Flamekit lingered for a second before
catching up.

Flamekit could still feel the fox's presence. It scared her and made the fur stand up along her back.

Snowkit fell behind to walk beside her. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Flamekit nodded. She opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by a loud snarl.

fox appeared from the bushes, spitting and snarling. It was big, with
reddish fur, a white belly and long, thick black legs. The tip of its
tail was white.

The fox lunged forward, heading straight for Lilackit, who dodged just in time.

"Run!" she screeched, racing away. Flamekit followed instantly, Snowkit and Sootkit right on her tail.

The fox raced after them. It gained on them instantly, and Flamekit could feel its hot, stinking breath on her back.

stopped as a huge boulder loomed up above them. They tried to duck to
the side, but the fox blocked them. It backed them up against the rock,
growling and spitting.

It suddenly lunged towards Flamekit, and
she closed her eyes, prepared to feel its teeth sink into her, but it
never came. Instead, she heard a very familiar voice screech, "Leave my
daughters alone!"

Flamekit's eyes flew open to see Moonstar
attacking the fox. It took a few steps back, spitting in rage. More cats
streamed by, attacking the fox. She recognized her father, Dayflight,
first. Then Scorchfur, Kindheart, Blackpelt and Foxwhisper. The warriors
attacked the fox, always staying out of reach and leaping in to inflict
wounds before jumping away again. Eventually, the fox, growling, turned
and ran.

"Follow it," Moonstar said to Blackpelt and Foxwhisper after she had caught her breath. "Make sure it leaves the territory."

Blackpelt and Foxwhisper nodded, and the two took off into the forest in the direction the fox had gone.

turned to face her kits. Kindheart leaped forward, attacking her kits
and pulling them close. She sniffed their fur and groomed it, meowing
between licks, "Are you okay? Please tell me you're not hurt! You
mouse-brains! Never do that again!"

Flamekit flattened to
the ground as her mother's angry gaze fell on her. She laid her ears
back and prepared for her mother's rage.

Moonstar didn't make
them wait long. "What in StarClan's name were you thinking?" she
screeched. "You could have been killed! Do you know how dangerous and
mouse-brained what you did was? You put yourself in danger, and then you
put the warriors that had to protect you in danger!"

"W-we just
wanted t-to go and see what's outside of camp!" Snowkit meowed. She,
too, had her ears back and was crouched down next to Flamekit.

"I make you stay in camp for a reason! Now you see why kits aren't allowed outside the camp! It's too dangerous!"

Flamekit opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Dayflight.

padded up to stand beside his mate and laid his tail across her
shoulders. "Moonstar, they are kits. Almost every kit gets into trouble
like this." He broke out into a purr. "Even you did!"

Moonstar looked at him. "You remember that?" she meowed.

Dayflight nodded. "And I certainly remember your mother chastising you, and your father calming her down."

fur began to lie flat and she looked at her kits. She sat down beside
them and wrapped her tail around them. "I don't want to lose you. I was
terrified when I realized you were gone. Never scare me like that again,

"Yes, mother." Flamekit meowed, sitting up. She looked into Moonstar's loving eyes.

"We won't," Snowkit promised.

"Good," Moonstar meowed. "Let's go back to camp."

felt her father pick her up by the scruff. Instantly, her body felt
limp and heavy. She wondered how Lilackit could struggle so much when
carried like this. Moonstar picked up Snowkit while Scorchfur and
Kindheart picked up Sootkit and Lilackit.

Lilackit looked very
angry, obviously mad that she had been caught by her parents. Sootkit
looked terrified, and Flamekit knew why. What would be their punishment?
Would Moonstar delay their apprentice ceremony?

Flamekit felt
horror wash over her as she thought of Moonstar delaying her apprentice
ceremony. She wanted to be an apprentice so bad! Could Moonstar actually
delay the ceremony? Would StarClan allow it?

Flamekit saw the camp entrance nearing. What would the other warriors say about their disappearance? Would they all be mad?

As the neared, they spotted Ashclaw and Robinpaw padding into camp. Ashclaw glanced back. "What happened?" he asked.

"They left camp. A fox attacked them," Moonstar mumbled around Snowkit's fur.

Ashclaw's eyes widened. "Is the fox gone?" he asked.

Moonstar set down Snowkit. "We fought it off. Blackpelt and Foxwhisper are making sure it ran out of the territory."

Ashclaw nodded and disappeared into camp. Moonstar picked up Snowkit again, and they followed.

Once inside camp, Dayflight set Flamekit down. He licked the top of her head, purring. "I'm glad you're safe." he meowed.

"I'm sorry for leaving camp without your permission, Dayflight," Flamekit said.

"It's ok. Just don't do it again,"

nodded and ran off to join her sister, who sat in the middle of the
clearing. Moonstar was padding towards the High Limb.

"Uh-oh," Flamekit said as she trotted up.

Snowkit whirled around to face Flamekit. "It's your fault!" she hissed.

Flamekit took a step back. "What?"

"It's your fault we're in this mess! I didn't want to go! But I went because you were going, and I couldn't let you go alone!"

growled. "Fine! Be that way, then! I just didn't want Lilackit to think
she had won!" she whirled around and stormed off.

Just then, Moonstar's yowl sounded across the clearing. "MoonClan! Come join me beneath the High Limb and hear my words!"

sat sullenly next to Moonstar's den. She waited for the announcement to
come. The cats slowly gathered. All except Blackpelt and Foxwhisper,
who still had not returned. Snowkit slowly padded towards her and sat
down next to her.

"Flamekit, Snowkit, Sootkit and Lilackit have
been found. They were attacked by a fox." Moonstar said. Gasps raked the
crowd. "Luckily, Dayflight, Scorchfur, Kindheart, Blackpelt, Foxwhisper
and I found them and chased the fox away before it could hurt anybody.
Blackpelt and Foxwhisper are making sure it has left as we speak. I want
extra patrols to make sure the fox does not come back. Everybody, get a
good night's sleep." Moonstar leaped down from the High Limb and padded
towards them as the clan broke away.

"I bet you are wondering
what your punishment will be, aren't you?" she meowed as she neared.
Flamekit and Snowkit nodded. "I will not punish you, but just make sure
it does not happen again."

"Yes, mother!" Flamekit said, happy her mother wasn't going to punish her.

"We won't!" Snowkit added, nodding vigorously.

"Good. Now go run along and play." Moonstar said.

took off, Snowkit right next to her. She would never do something like
that again! She didn't want Moonstar to delay her apprentice ceremony,
or worse, cancel it all together! She would try to be good, like helping
warriors as best she could around camp, or help apprentices with their
duties in camp. She would show her mother how ready she was to be an
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Chapter 3

"From this moment on, until she has received her warrior name, this
apprentice shall be known as Snowpaw. Sunheart, you are ready for your
first apprentice. You shall be mentor to Snowpaw."

Snowpaw felt
excitement coursing through her as she turned to face her new mentor,
who was padding towards her, head held high with the pride of being
chosen to mentor an apprentice.

Snowpaw padded up to meet him, an
obvious bounce in her step. Sunheart leaned down, and she reached up to
touch noses with him. Then she sat down next to him to watch Flamekit
receive her apprentice name.

Moonstar turned and looked at
Flamekit. "From this moment on, until she has received her warrior name,
this apprentice shall be known as Flamepaw. Fleetwind, you are ready
for an apprentice. You shall be mentor to Flamepaw."

watched as her sister touched noses with Fleetwind. The cats surrounding
nodded and mumbled their approval. As soon as the cats broke up,
Snowpaw raced to her sister's side.

"We're apprentices!" she exclaimed excitedly.

know! I can't wait to go out and explore the territory!" Flame replied.
There wasn't a hint of irony in her voice, but Snowpaw could see it in
her eyes, she was remembering when they were kits, and had snuck out of
camp with Lilacpaw and Sootpaw.

Fleetwind purred. "I will go get
Sunheart, and then we can all go and explore the territory," she said
before padding towards the orange tom.

"Congratulations!" Snowpaw
and Flamepaw whirled around to see Sootpaw walking towards them.
Sootpaw and Lilacpaw had been named apprentices a few days before.

Snowpaw meowed. Sootpaw stood there a little awkwardly, not knowing
what to say. Luckily, Fleetwind returned with Sunheart at that time,
saving Sootpaw from having to say anything else.

"Come on, guys," Sunheart said, padding past them towards the entrance.

Snowpaw said to Sootpaw before following. Flamepaw came up behind her,
and Fleetwind took up the rear. Snowpaw could feel Sootpaw's eyes follow
her as she left the camp.

Snowpaw trotted behind Sunheart as
they left the camp. They continued into the forest, away from the
training hollow. Sunheart pointed out good spots to hunt as they went
along, and Snowpaw tried her best to remember every one.

"Don't worry," Sunheart said as they padded along. "It will get easier to remember them all."

Finally, they made it to the edge of the trees. A field spanned away from them. On the horizon, shapes dotted the ground.

"What are those?" Flamepaw asked.

a Twolegplace. Those specks are the Twoleg's nest. During green-leaf,
the Twolegs come to swim in the river, but they never stray very far
from it," Sunheart said.

"Mouse-brains," Fleetwind mumbled. Sunheart cast an amused glance back.

usually don't show up much in new-leaf, but they do from time to time."
Sunheart meowed. Snowpaw nodded, staring at the little specks and the
wide expanse of ground before her. The river snaked out of the trees and
across the field, sliding along right next to the Twolegplace.

turned and began to pad along the tree line. "Our border ends here, but
there are lots of rabbits and such on the field, so we hunt there, too,
in our desperate times."

Snowpaw, Flamepaw and Fleetwind
followed. They continued along the border until the sound of trickling
water filled their ears. Snowpaw saw the river ahead, rolling lazily
along. They padded up to it, and Sunheart gestured to the other side of
the river.

"That, too, is not our territory, but we hunt there when we need to."

"How do you get across?" Snowpaw asked.

are some stepping stones upstream," Sunheart nodded into the forest,
where the river turned towards the territory and disappeared from their
view. Sunheart led the way upstream, telling them different things about
the territory, and things him and Fleetwind will teach them. As he
talked, Snowpaw grew more and more excited.

They walked along the
bank, the fields disappearing behind the trees as the river
turned. Finally, they reached an opening in the trees along the river.
Snowpaw glanced at Flamepaw, who was looking at the clearing with
remembrance in her eyes. This was the clearing they had gone to when
they had left camp when they were kits.

That was five moons ago! Snowpaw thought. It was a while back, but it seems like only yesterday.

continued to walk along the river until Sunheart turned away from it,
leading them across an invisible line that could only be detected by
sense of smell. The river continued on through the forest, away from the

Sunheart pointed out landmarks on the way that marked
the border, like a big boulder or a twisted, deformed tree. Sunheart
continued on, slowly turning until they ended up at the edge of the
trees again.

"We have taken you around the border. Now we will
show you some landmarks in the territory." Sunheart padded deeper into
the forest. They walked for a little bit before they came to a thin,
little stream. Sunheart followed it until they reached a small
underground cave in which the stream ran into.

"It's filled with
cobwebs. This is the best place in the territory to get them. It's a
little tight for warriors, so we usually send apprentices in there to
get the cobwebs," Sunheart meowed. "Go ahead. Go in there. It is
completely safe."

Snowpaw glanced at her mentor real quick before
stepping up to the cave entrance. Keeping to the side so that she
didn't step into the stream and get her paws wet, she slid into the
darkness. She walked down into the cave, the sound of the stream the
only comfort in the dark space. Her ears just barely brushed the roof of
the cave, and Snowpaw understood why warriors sent apprentices down

They must feel so cramped when they go down here! she thought.

could feel Flamepaw's warm breath stir the fur on her tail and back as
she followed. They continued into the darkness, until they turned a
corner to see soft, glowing light in the distance.

"What do you see?" Sunheart called.

"A light!" Flamepaw called back.

"More of a glow," Snowpaw added.

"Good. Keep going!" Sunheart said.

and Flamepaw continued on until they entered a small cavern. The soft
glow came from mushrooms that grew all over the soft, mossy ground and
all over the walls.

"Whoa!" Flamepaw exclaimed. Indeed, cobwebs
lined the wall everywhere. They glowed and sparkled in the mushrooms'
light. Snowpaw padded closer to one to see water droplets on the

"It's beautiful!" Snowpaw exclaimed.

"Come back,
you two! We need to continue on!" Fleetwind called. Snowpaw turned
around in the small cave and made her way back to the surface, Flamepaw
right behind.

"We're going to show you the training hollow, now,"
Sunheart meowed when they came out of the cave. "Fleetwind, do you want
to lead the way?"

Fleetwind nodded and pushed to the front. She
led the way through the forest, Sunheart taking up the rear, until they
reached a large clearing.

"This is the training hollow. It is where you will do most of your battle training," Fleetwind said.

stepped into the clearing and looked around. Suddenly, she was attacked
from behind. She yowled in surprise as the cat took her down. She
kicked out instinctively, and caught the cat's stomach. Pushing with all
her might, she heaved the other cat off.

Snowpaw leaped off in time to see Flamepaw pulling herself to her paws. "Wow," she said, shaking out her pelt. "Lesson learned!"

Snowpaw purred. "Good!" she said.

"That was a nice move, Snowpaw," Sunheart praised. "You have to be ready for that, Flamepaw."

Flamepaw nodded, and was about to say something, when a loud, blood curdling screech ripped the air.

"What was that?" Snowpaw meowed, her head whipping around, trying to pinpoint where the cry had come from.

"This way!" Fleetwind said, diving into some bushes. Snowpaw followed, closely followed by Flamepaw and Sunheart.

ran through the forest as fast as she could. Ears pricked forward,
tails streaming out behind them, they all pounded through the forest
towards the source of the screech.

A cry of shock escaped from Snowpaw's throat as she saw the bloody mass of orange fur in front of her.

Sunheart yowled in surprise, leaping forward. He leaned down and
sniffed her body, then put his ear to her side. His face suddenly grew
sad, and Snowpaw knew what he was going to say before he stood up
straight to say it.

"She's dead," he announced. Fleetwind stared, a shocked expression on her face, mingled with sadness.

"Who could have done this?" she asked.

"Rogues?" Flamepaw meowed.

lifted his chin and sniffed the air. Snowpaw did the same, and could
easily smell the heavy scent of fox dung in the air, mingled with blood
and death.

"Whoever it was did a good job hiding their scent,"
Sunheart said. "We have to get her back to camp. Snowpaw, Flamepaw, you
two go ahead and tell Moonstar and Scorchfur, but only them. Fleetwind, help me take Whitefoot back to camp."

Fleetwind nodded and stepped forward. Snowpaw turned and ran off towards the camp, Flamepaw following.

Whitefoot!" Flamepaw exclaimed. After a few seconds, she meowed, "Poor
Foxwhisper and Mapleheart. After losing their father a few seasons ago!
And now Whitefoot."

Snowpaw's throat grew tight as she thought
about losing Dayflight and Moonstar, all within a couple of moons. "It
will be hard for them," Snowpaw said. "Especially since Whitefoot died
such a horrible death."

Flamepaw grunted her agreement, and the
two continued their way to camp in silence. They slowed as they neared
it, and entered together. Snowpaw scanned the clearing, seeing Moonstar
talking with Scorchfur.

Snowpaw and Flamepaw padded slowly
towards her. Snowpaw spotted Foxwhisper and Mapleheart, happily sharing a
vole by the fresh-kill pile. She instantly felt sadness towards them.
"They are so happy! Why did it have to come to this?" she meowed.

"I don't know," Flamepaw replied.

stopped in front of Moonstar and Scorchfur. Moonstar looked down at
them, purring. "Welcome back! How was your first day as apprentices?"

Flamepaw meowed. If the circumstances had been different, Snowpaw would
have laughed. But the matter was too serious, and Snowpaw didn't find
the happiness in her to laugh.

"We need to speak with you in private," Snowpaw said. Moonstar exchanged a glance with Scorchfur, and then stood up.

"Ok, meet me in my den," she said, about to walk into the Leader's den.

"Both of you," Flamepaw added.

stopped in her tracks, obviously caught off guard by the fact that her
kits wanted to talk to her as their Leader with her Deputy, and not as
their mother. Scorchfur had the same shock on his face, but stood up and
followed Moonstar into the den. Snowpaw and Flamepaw followed.

"You do the talking," Flamepaw said.

gulped and nodded. When they were all in the Leader's den, settled down
and waiting for the news to be spoken, Snowpaw took a deep breath.

were in the training hollow, all four of us. We heard a loud screech
and we....we...." Snowpaw couldn't find the courage to finish.

"It was Whitefoot. We found her dead in the forest." Flamepaw finished sadly.

Moonstar and Scorchfur's eyes both grew wide.
"What?" Moonstar exclaimed, shocked.

"She was killed, although we could not find very many scents around her, only our own," Snowpaw said.

"But we didn't kill her!" Flamepaw added, making sure Moonstar and Scorchfur didn't take Snowpaw's words the wrong way.

"I know you didn't," Moonstar said sorrowfully. "Where is her body?"

"Sunheart and Fleetwind are bringing it back," Flamepaw said.

Moonstar was about to say something when a screech of horror came from outside.

"I think they're back," Flamepaw meowed.

four cats pushed out of the den to see Foxwhisper racing up to a bloody
mass of fur in the center of the clearing. Sunheart and Fleetwind stood
a little bit away, heads low. Mapleheart stood not far away, paralyzed
with shock.

"What did you do to her?" Foxwhisper yowled, throwing
himself at Sunheart. Sunheart yowled in surprise, clearly unprepared
for the attack. Foxwhisper raked his claws against Sunheart's cheek,
pushing him to the ground. Foxwhisper had a look of pure evil spread
across his face as he bit down on Sunheart's neck. He truly believed the
orange tom had murdered Whitefoot.

Blackpelt raced forward,
gripping Foxwhisper's scruff and pulling him away from Sunheart. The
huge dark gray tom pinned a screeching and hissing Foxwhisper to the

"Traitor!" Foxwhisper yowled. "He killed her!"

ran up to Sunheart, who was slowly getting up. Blood dripped from the
wound on his neck, and his fur was covered in dirt.

watched this all with horror, shocked at Foxwhisper's rage. Moonstar
pushed past them, and slowly padded towards Whitefoot's body. Mapleheart
walked up, too, and collapsed next to her mother's body, and began to
groom the orange tabby fur, washing out the blood as best she could.

kept Foxwhisper pinned to the ground until the tom stopped flailing,
and just lay there, crying out in agony. Blackpelt let him up, and
Foxwhisper staggered to Whitefoot's body and collapsed next to his
sister, burying his face into his mother's fur.

Snowpaw joined
the cats walking past Whitefoot's body and saying goodbye. She had never
really known Whitefoot very well, but she still felt as if she had to
say something.

"Goodbye, Whitefoot. I wish you many happy
moons in StarClan," she whispered into Whitefoot's ear before walking
towards Moonstar. She sat down beside her mother and watched the cats
file past Whitefoot.

"What exactly happened?" Moonstar asked as Flamepaw padded up and sat down next to Snowpaw.

were in the training hollow and we heard a very loud screech. We ran
through the forest towards it until we found Whitefoot. She was dead and
covered in blood. We tried to find a scent, but all we could smell was
fox dung," Snowpaw said.

"Then Sunheart told us to come back to
camp and tell you while Fleetwind and him brought Whitefoot's body back
to camp," Flamepaw finished.

Moonstar nodded. "So whoever killed her didn't want us to be able to find them."

"Do you think it could have been somebody in the Clan?" Scorchfur asked as he padded up.

Moonstar shook her head. "No! No cat in MoonClan would do such a horrible thing!"

Scorchfur sat down next to her. "You can't eliminate the possibility, Moonstar. It would be devastating, but it is possible."

Moonstar sighed. "I know. But I trust my clan with my life. I just can't believe a cat in the clan would do such a thing."

Scorchfur nodded. "Understandable. I just hope we find this murderer before they strike again."

nodded. "Yes. They must be stopped." She looked down at Snowpaw and
Flamepaw. "You two go get some rest. You've had a long day."

stood up and padded towards the apprentices den. Flamepaw walked beside
her, glancing back at Whitefoot's body. "It's a sad day in MoonClan,"
she meowed.

"Yes, it is," Snowpaw agreed. "Let's just hope we don't have another."
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:11 pm

Chapter 4

Flamepaw lay at the edge of the clearing, head on her paws, watching the
cats file past the white and gray body that was Coldheart in the middle
of camp.

Flamedsparks lay next to the body, her face buried deep
into her mate's fur, wails and cries of agony emanating from her
throat. Mallowpaw lay next to her, cleaning her father's pelt, a lost
look on her face. Marshpaw sat behind them, his head held low as he
stared at the ground, a sorrowful look on his face.

sighed and closed her eyes, trying to relax and forget about the day's
events, but the more she tried to forget, the more they came flooding
back. Coldheart is dead she thought. Murdered in cold blood. Who would do such a thing?

happened?" Flamepaw, hearing the familiar voice, opened her eyes and
looked up to see Snowpaw standing over her. The white apprentice settled
down next to Flamepaw and waited for her to answer.

"Ashclaw, Foxwhisper, Dayflight and Robinpaw were out on patrol. They found his body near the river," Flamepaw explained.

Snowpaw was silent for a while before meowing, "Do you think it could be the same cats that killed Whitefoot?"

said they smelled fox dung everywhere, as if somebody was trying to
mask their scent. I have no doubt it could be the same cats," Flamepaw

Snowpaw nodded. "I don't, either."

Just then,
Lilyfur and Lilacpaw padded into camp, happily talking away. They
stopped abruptly when they saw the body in the center of the clearing.

"What happened?" Lilyfur asked.

"Another attack," Scorchfur, who was sitting near them, responded.

Lilacpaw stared at the body. "Coldheart," she meowed.

"Yeah," Scorchfur meowed before getting up and padding away.

Flamepaw watched as Lilyfur and Lilacpaw walked by the body and gave their own parting words.

"Wow, that's shocking! I never thought Lilacpaw could have the heart to care about Coldheart dying," Snowpaw said.

narrowed her eyes at the black she-cat. She watched as Lilacpaw
whispered something to the dead body of Coldheart before padding away.
It was hard to tell, but Flamepaw could see a hint of fakeness to the
sorrowful look.

"That's the problem," Flamepaw meowed, standing up. "She doesn't."

padded away towards the fresh-kill pile. She pulled a vole out and lay
down to eat it. Suddenly, she felt something stir inside her Blackpelt and his patrol are back! she thought, looking up at the camp entrance. A few seconds later, Blackpelt, Foxwhisper and Shimmermist padded into camp.

How did I know that?
Flamepaw thought, a little surprised. The last time that had happened
was when she was a kit and she had felt the fox's presence while
Lilacpaw, Sootpaw and Snowpaw could not.

Flamepaw shifted
uncomfortably, and then watched Blackpelt pad across the clearing
towards Moonstar's den. The white she-cat sat outside, staring sadly at
Coldheart's body. Blackpelt sat down and spoke with her for a bit before
he left, leaving Moonstar alone.

Flamepaw finished her vole, and
was about to pad towards the apprentice den, when the rustling of
leaves made her stop and look up. Moonstar had leaped up onto the High
Limb. She didn't need to call the cats together. Everybody was already
in the clearing, and they gathered when they saw her jump up there.

of MoonClan, this is a sad day. This is the second death in the past
moon, and not just any death. They were both murdered in cold blood on
our territory," she paused for a second, and then continued. "Both
times, they were alone, so it is time I set down some rules.

you are not allowed to go out of camp unless you have a warrior with
you at all times. Cats are not allowed to venture out alone, but must be
accompanied with somebody. Kits in the near future will be watched at
all times. Only full patrols may go out at night."

As Moonstar finished, cats began to whisper and mumble to themselves about the new rules.

"They will be in effect," Moonstar continued, "until this matter is resolved."

"Do you think the rogues could be back?" Lilyfur called from the back of the crowd.

Instantly, fear swept the crowd. Cats started mumbling to each other.

they are back...StarClan help us!" Flamepaw heard Dayflight, who was
sitting near her, whisper into Shimmermist's ear. She nodded a look of
worry on her face.

"If it the rouges," Moonstar said, "then we
must be prepared for a battle bigger than the last. They will have
gotten stronger. We must be prepared" Then she leaped down and padded
away to her den.

The cats broke away, talking amongst themselves. Flamepaw spotted Fleetwind among the crowd, picking her way towards her.

"Go get some rest. We will be battle training tomorrow." Fleetwind meowed as she got close.

"With Sunheart and Snowpaw?" Flamepaw asked hopefully.

"No. We will be training alone tomorrow." Fleetwind said before padding away towards the warriors den.

Flamepaw sighed and made her way to the apprentices den. Slipping inside, she saw Sootpaw and Lilacpaw arguing about something.

them, she slid into her nest and curled up. But before she could fall
asleep, she heard a snicker right next to her ear. Looking up, she saw
the dark, black shape of Lilacpaw looming over her.

"Hello, mouse-brain."

Flamepaw sat up in her nest. "Hello, dog breath," she said.

Lilacpaw glared at her. "Thanks for the new rules," she hissed.

took a second for Flamepaw to get what she was saying. At first, she
thought Lilacpaw thought Flamepaw had made up the rules, but then, she
realized Lilacpaw was accusing her of something greater.

Flamepaw leaped to her paws. "You think I killed Whitefoot and Coldheart?" she exclaimed.

you do always smell like fox-dung, and that IS what everybody says they
smell at the scenes of the attack." Lilacpaw meowed.

Flamepaw growled. "Why you little-"

stop teasing my sister and find a more mature way to spend your time."
Flamepaw was cut off by Snowpaw who stood at the mouth of the den.
Lilacpaw glared at her, but turned away without a word and curled up
into her nest.

"Thanks," Flamepaw meowed to Snowpaw as she sat in her nest.

"No problem," Snowpaw said, laying down.

curled up and closed her eyes, thinking about the day's events. She
thought about the cats outside, sitting vigil for the fallen warrior. First Whitefoot and now Coldheart. Who's next?

followed Fleetwind out of camp and into the forest. Her paws dragged as
they walked, and her tail slid across the ground. How long will it take me to wake up? she thought drowsily.

made their way towards the training hollow. Flamepaw padded carefully
along, ears pricked, ready for an attack. She had never been so alert in
her life. The forest isn't safe anymore, even for us! she thought.

they reached the training hollow, Fleetwind stopped and turned to look
at Flamepaw. "Ok, I'm going to teach you a move my mentor taught me. He
made it up himself, so you'll be the third to learn it."

Flamepaw nodded, ready to learn the move.

is a move that you can use when your opponent is on their hind legs
above you. You'll have to be fast, but I already know you are,"
Fleetwind meowed "I will teach you the first part, and then the second
part. Ready?"

"Ready!" Flamepaw exclaimed enthusiastically.

So, when they rear up on their hind legs, you have to leap up and claw
and batter their muzzle. This stuns them," Fleetwind said. She crouched
down and leaped up quickly, swiping at an invisible muzzle. When she
landed, she nodded to Flamepaw. "Now you try."

Flamepaw couched
down and leaped up as fast as she could, but her speed made her
careless, and she lost her balance, falling on her back when she came
down. The wind flew out of her lungs, and she lay there, gasping.

Fleetwind ran over. "Are you ok?"

Flamepaw pulled herself to her paws. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just lost my breath."

Fleetwind nodded. "You want to try it again?"

nodded and crouched. She leaped up, swiping at the air and falling back
down again, much more graceful then the last time.

"Good! Now
try it on me," Fleetwind said. She reared up in front of Flamepaw, about
to come down on her. Flamepaw leaped up and batted at her muzzle, but
was too slow, and Fleetwind managed to push her down and pin her to the

"Too slow. Try again," Fleetwind meowed, letting Flamepaw
up. She reared up again, and Flamepaw leaped up and swiped at her
muzzle, falling back again and scrambling out of the way as Fleetwind
came down, catching her tail under her paw.

"Ow!" Flamepaw squeaked, pulling her tail back. "Too slow?"

That was perfect. The second part of the move will allow you to move
out of the way quicker," Fleetwind said. "Let's keep practicing this.
That could have been a lucky shot."

They practiced a few more times until it was evident that Flamepaw had the first half of the move down.

Now I will teach you the second part," Fleetwind said. "Once you land,
you have to run in between your opponents legs to unbalance them and
make them crash to the ground. Then you will be able to attack their
exposed belly. But you will have to move quickly, because they are most
likely prone to fall backwards on top of you. Ready?"

"Yes!" Flamepaw meowed.

Unbalance me," Fleetwind instructed, rearing up again. Flamepaw dashed
under Fleetwind's legs, swiping her back leg out from under her and then
scrambling out of the way quickly. Fleetwind pawed at the air, trying
to regain her balance, but fell anyway. Flamepaw leaped forward and
swiped at her belly with claws sheathed.

Fleetwind pulled herself to her paws and shook out the dirt and debris that had gotten in her fur. "Easy, right?"

"Yes," Flamepaw agreed.

"Good! Now you will perform the entire move."

nodded. Fleetwind again rose up on her hind paws above Flamepaw.
Flamepaw leaped up and batted at her muzzle. She then fell to the ground
and raced under Fleetwind's paws, reaching out and knocking a paw out
from under her.

Fleetwind let out a yowl of surprise as she fell
back and hit the ground. Flamepaw pounced, swiping at her exposed belly,
and then ducking away quickly.

Fleetwind pulled herself to her
paws and nodded satisfactory. "Good job! You learned that move quickly!
Now try it again. Let's see if you can repeat it."

nodded and waited for Fleetwind to rise up again. She repeated the move,
sending Fleetwind falling heavily on her back again.

practice the move for a long time, Flamepaw only getting better and
faster at it. They practiced battle moves all day, swapping ideas that
they figured could make the move better and more efficient. By the time
the sun was setting, their fur was ruffled and their muscles hurt, but
they had learned lots.

"Good work today! Tomorrow, I think we
will go hunting. I have a feeling we will be sore tomorrow, and more
vigorous work wouldn't be too fun," Fleetwind meowed.

Flamepaw let out a mrow of laughter. "Yes. I think hunting is a good idea!"

As they made their way back to the camp, Flamepaw remembered something she wanted to ask, but had never had the time.

when Moonstar was telling us the new rules, Lilyfur mentioned some
rouges, and the entire clan grew anxious. What was she talking about?"
Flamepaw asked.

Fleetwind's face grew grave. "It was a few moons
after Lionstar's death. It was a typical day. I had just been named an
apprentice a few days before. Then, a huge band of rouges appeared in
the territory, led by a huge dark tabby tom named Oak.

"They came
to camp and demanded we give up the territory, or else there would be a
battle. Moonstar refused to leave. Oak gave us one day to get out, but
instead of keeping his promise, he attacked the same day, giving us no
warning. Moonstar fought Oak, but lost her first life fighting against

"They didn't believe in StarClan, and didn't believe the
fact that she had nine lives. She pretended she was dead until the time
was right, and attacked Oak. It was a quick battle. Moonstar was
strengthened by the new life, while Oak was still battle weary. Moonstar
was forced to kill him, as there was no other for us to win the battle.
Midnight, Oak's mate, swore vengeance on us. We haven't seen a sign
from them since," Fleetwind finished.

Flamepaw thought about all
that Fleetwind has said. "So now the clan thinks that it's Midnight and
the rouges that killed Whitefoot and Coldheart because Moonstar killed
her mate?"

"I don't see why it couldn't be. Midnight is blood
thirsty and wants revenge on MoonClan. I believe it is most likely her,"
Fleetwind said.

Flamepaw nodded, thinking about the
possibilities. If it was Midnight, then she and the rogues would surely
be stronger than the last time. Flamepaw shivered at the thought of a
huge pack of rouges tearing the clan apart.

They made their way
back to camp in silence. When they entered, Fleetwind nodded to the
fresh-kill pile, where cats were grabbing their food.

"Go get something. You deserve it," Fleetwind meowed.

Flamepaw made her way over to the fresh-kill pile. She slid into the group right next to her father.

"How was your day?" Dayflight asked.

"It was good. Fleetwind showed me a new move her mentor thought up," Flamepaw answered.

"Blackpelt was always a good warrior. And still is," Dayflight meowed.

"Blackpelt was Fleetwind's mentor?" Flamepaw asked, looking up at her father.

he was," Daylight answered, reaching out and hooking a mouse with a
claw. He dropped it in front of Flamepaw, then reached out and grabbed a
thrush for himself.

"Who was yours?" Flamepaw asked, leaning down and gripping the mouse in her jaws.

"Come here and I'll answer your questions that seem to never stop," Dayflight said.

Flamepaw let out a purr and followed her father to the edge of the clearing.

"My mentor," Dayflight started when they were settled, "was a she-cat named Spottedtail. She was a tortoiseshell." He let out a mrow of laughter and leaned over and whispered, "I did like her a lot. She was very pretty and kind."

Dayflight sat up straight again, his face growing sad. "But then she died in the same battle that earned me my warrior name."

Flamepaw waited for a few seconds before asking, "Who was Moonstar's mentor?"

"Moonstar's mentor was Lionstar, the leader before her," Dayflight answered. "I'm sure you've heard of him."

Flamepaw nodded. "How did he die?"

"He lost his last life by a rat bite that got horribly infected."

"I have one more question," Flamepaw said.

"Yes?" Dayflight asked.

"What was Moonstar's warrior name?"

"Has she not told you?" Flamepaw shook her head. "It was Moonfeather," Dayflight answered.

"Moonfeather...that's a pretty name," Flamepaw meowed.

you're right, it is," Dayflight said. "Well, I'm going to bed, and I
think you should, too." He leaned down and finished off the last bit of
his thrush before licking Flamepaw on the head and padding away towards
the warriors den.

Flamepaw finished her mouse and made her way to
the apprentices den. Snowpaw and Sootpaw were already asleep in their
nests. Flamepaw settled into hers next to her sister and curled up, her
mind reeling about all the different things she had learned.

she heard whispering behind the den. Quietly getting up, she pushed out
of the back of the den and peeked out. She saw two silhouettes, heads
close together, whispering.

"Who will be next?" Flamepaw felt a chill as she recognized the voice of Lilacpaw.

"I don't know, but it needs to be a cat that is strong and helpful to the clan," the second voice belonged to Lilyfur. What are they talking about? Flamepaw thought.

"Or a cat who has potential," Lilacpaw said.

"Yes, and that is..." she broke off, her head whipping around to where Flamepaw was hiding, "Whose there?"

Flamepaw scrambled back, but was too late. Lilacpaw leaped at her, pinning her against the ground.

"What do you think you are doing?" Lilacpaw hissed.

"I-I-I heard voices! I was just coming to see if it was rouges!" Flamepaw meowed.

"Close enough," Flamepaw heard Lilyfur mumble. What does she mean? Flamepaw thought.

leave us alone," Lilacpaw growled, letting Flamepaw up. Flamepaw
scrambled to her paws and pushed back into the den, falling into her
nest, shaking. What were Lilyfur and Lilacpaw planning? And what did
Lilyfur mean when she said "Close enough"?

Flamepaw shivered and
closed her eyes, trying to block it all out. Something was going to
happen. Something bad and she was sure of it.
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:12 pm

Chapter 5

Snowpaw hissed in frustration as the thorns scraped her back. She scrambled backwards, but the thorns held her fast.

"Mallowpaw! Help?" she called.

She heard paw steps, a sigh, and the brambles around her shifted.

"Ow!" she squeaked, flattening her ears.

"I'm sorry! Just hold still! I almost got it," Mallowpaw meowed. Snowpaw felt the brambles move once more. "Ok, come out!"

scrambled backwards again, a few last thorns snagging her fur and
breaking away from the bush. She shook out her pelt as Mallowpaw let the
branches fall. Turning to look at her pelt, Snowpaw let out a sigh at
her dirty, ruffled fur that was covered in thorns.

"Maybe we should look for cobwebs somewhere else," Mallowpaw suggested.

"Good idea," Snowpaw said. Mallowpaw sat down next to her and started to pull the thorns out of her fur.

everything okay?" The two she-cats looked up to see Foxwhisper padding
towards them. A moon had passed since Coldheart's death, but Moonstar
still didn't want cats to go out alone, so Foxwhisper was chosen to tag
along with Mallowpaw and Snowpaw as they collected herbs for

"Yes, everything is fine. Snowpaw just got tangled up in a bramble bush," Mallowpaw meowed.

Foxwhisper nodded. "Did you get any cobwebs?"

"We're going to look somewhere else," Snowpaw answered as Mallowpaw pulled out the last of the thorns.

"Where?" Foxwhisper asked.

"The cave?" Snowpaw suggested eager to go back to that beautiful place.

There's another place closer than the cave," Mallowpaw meowed.
"Sparrowfeather wanted us back as quickly as possible because of the

"Yes, but we have Foxwhisper. And I know some battle moves," Snowpaw said.

sighed. "Snowpaw, cobwebs weren't the only thing Sparrowfeather wanted.
And the forest just isn't as safe as it used to be. We need to get back
as soon as possible."

Snowpaw sighed. "Fine," she mumbled.

"Good! Let's go!" Mallowpaw said. She turned and padded away. Snowpaw followed her, Foxwhisper right behind.

walked for a little bit, the trees rustling over their heads as a
breeze flew through. Mallowpaw halted next to an old oak tree. A gaping
hole leading down was set at the base of the tree among the gnarled

Snowpaw peered inside, seeing a thick tangle of cobwebs.
Reaching in, she moved her paw in circles, wrapping a thick bundle of
cobwebs around it. Mallowpaw and Foxwhisper did the same, until the hole
was cleaned out.

"Come on, we need some marigold and comfrey.
There's some nearby," Mallowpaw meowed, padding away. Snowpaw and
Foxwhisper followed.

They reached a small clearing, the sweet
scent of different kinds of herbs making Snowpaw's head spin. Her
stomach started to grow sick, and she fought the urge to vomit.

"Wow...quite a stash you have here," Foxwhisper said, her face clearly showing the same uneasiness and sickness Snowpaw felt.

growing a lot of it together so we don't have to travel all around the
territory," Mallowpaw meowed, picking some marigold flowers from their
stems. She made a nice pile, then wrapped them in a huge leaf and pushed
the bundle towards Snowpaw.

Snowpaw sniffed it, her head growing
foggier from the overwhelming scents. She stood up straight and waited
for Mallowpaw to finish, trying to keep her mind off the aroma.

dug up some big, fat black roots from a huge-leafed plant with small,
purple flowers. She scooped them up in her mouth, and then nodded to
Snowpaw to grab her bundle.

Snowpaw picked of the bundle in her
mouth, and followed Foxwhisper out of the clearing. As they padded away,
the aroma of the herbs lessened, and the fogginess in her brain started
to subside. Great StarClan, I thought I was going to pass out! she thought.

led them back to camp, where few cats slept in the shadows. The
green-leaf sun pounded down, making everybody feel lazy.

three of them made their way to the medicine-cat den. Mallowpaw pushed
inside first, calling out, "We're back, Sparrowfeather!"

poked her head out from the storage area at the back of the den. "Oh!
Good! Set them down over there." She nodded to the far side of the den,
where piles of herbs were lain, ready to be sorted and counted.

set her bundle down, and began to carefully pry the cobwebs off her
paw. When she was done, she turned to Sparrowfeather. "Anything else I
can help with?" she asked.

"If you're going to go out again, you better find a new warrior," Foxwhisper meowed. "I'm on sun-high patrol."

Snowpaw watched him leave, and then turned back to Sparrowfeather.

"Well, you can help Mallowpaw sort those herbs," she meowed.

Snowpaw said, happy to have something to do. Sunheart was taking off a
day from training, and since she couldn't leave camp alone, the only
things she could do was sleep, or help in the medicine den. She had too
much energy to sleep, so all that was left was help Sparrowfeather and

Snowpaw settled down next Mallowpaw in front of all
the plants. She picked up the comfrey roots and set them with a pile of
roots that looked just like what she had. Mallowpaw nodded approvingly
and put the marigold with the rest.

Together they worked out
different individual piles of plants. As each pile was made, Mallowpaw
told Snowpaw the name of the plant and what it was used for. By the time
everything was sorted, Snowpaw's head was spinning, and Mallowpaw had a
look of satisfactory at the fact that she knew all the herbs.

"Snowpaw?" Snowpaw looked up at the sound of Moonstar's voice. "Do you want to go hunting?"

Snowpaw looked at Mallowpaw. "Do you need any more help in here?" she asked.

"No. Everything is taken care of!" Mallowpaw replied.

Snowpaw turned to her mother. "Let's go!"

disappeared out of the den, and Snowpaw followed. Together, they walked
out of camp. Sun dappled the ground, and a soft, cool breeze blew
through the forest, rustling the leaves. The ground was soft under paw,
and the undergrowth grew thick, hiding the prey that scuttled among the

"Its green-leaf at last," Moonstar said, closing her eyes to enjoy the gentle breeze.

Snowpaw nodded. "My first," she commented, sniffing at a holly bush. "It's amazing!"

Moonstar let out a purr. "Come on," she meowed, turning and racing off. Snowpaw took off after her.

they ran through the forest, leaping over a log, their muscles rippling
in the exact same way. Tails streaming behind them, paws thudding on
the ground, they rocketed through the forest, two white streaks among
the brown and green of the forest.

Moonstar pulled up as they
neared the river, and Snowpaw did so too. They slowed until they were
walking along, Snowpaw panting hard. Moonstar stopped by the river,
leaning down and lapping up the clear water. Snowpaw sat down heavily on
the ground, too tired to go any further.

Moonstar stood up
straight and let out a purr, a water droplet falling from her muzzle.
"Drink," she ordered. "Then we can hunt."

Snowpaw nodded and
stood up. She walked up to the river's edge, leaned down, and lapped
down a few gulps of the cold river. Even in green-leaf, the water was
like liquid ice.

"Mm, that's good water," Snowpaw meowed when she was finished.

"Yes, it is. We are lucky to have it," Moonstar said. "Come on, let's go."

turned and padded into the bushes. Snowpaw followed, ears pricked for
any sounds coming from the undergrowth. Making sure they were down wind,
they picked their way through the forest, treading softly and not
making a noise.

Suddenly, Snowpaw stopped, smelling a hint of
rabbit on a bush. She sniffed at the bush, and then signaled to
Moonstar. Together, they circled the bush. The sound of leaves rustling
caught Snowpaw's attention. The rabbit was moving around a tree on the
other side of the bush.

Moonstar crouched, and then leaped,
landing next to the rabbit. It let out a squeal, and then turned and
ran, right into Snowpaw's claws. She grabbed it and pinned it to the
ground, killing it with a swift bite to the neck.

"Good catch!" Moonstar praised, trotting over.

"Thanks! You helped, too," Snowpaw said.

you killed it. Now, bury it and we'll come back for it later," Moonstar
said. Snowpaw obeyed, digging a hole and dropping the rabbit in it. She
quickly covered it back up, and they set off again.

they caught a thrush and two squirrels. Moonstar glanced up at the sky.
The sun was sliding towards the horizon. "Come on, it's going to get
dark soon," she meowed, leaning down and grabbing the thrush and rabbit
in her jaws. Snowpaw grabbed the tails of the two squirrels.

by side, they made their way home. They entered camp and crossed the
clearing to the fresh-kill pile, where they dropped their prey.

nodded to Flamepaw, who lay at the edge of the clearing, a bored look
on her face. "Go and talk to your sister. She needs something to do,"
Moonstar said.

Snowpaw nodded and trotted across the clearing, sitting down next to her sister. "Hello!" she said.

"Hey," Flamepaw mumbled.

"What's wrong?" Snowpaw asked.

stretched and sat up. "Fleetwind and I went hunting today, but I
couldn't catch anything! I messed up every time. Fleetwind said I was
just having a bad day, but I could tell she thinks I'm an awful hunter!"

"I've seen you hunt. You're a good hunter. You were probably just having a bad day," Snowpaw meowed.

Flamepaw sighed. "I don't know. I guess I just have a lot on my mind."

"Like what?" Snowpaw asked.

"Nothing," Flamepaw meowed.

sat there awkwardly, not knowing what else to say to make her sister
feel better. Luckily, Blackpelt came trotting up, breaking the silence.

"Have either of you seen Sootpaw?" he asked.

Snowpaw shook her head. "No, I have not," she meowed. "Where could he be?"

"I don't know! He's not in camp!" Blackpelt said. "If he left alone, I will rip-"

"I saw him leave camp with Lilyfur and Lilacpaw a little bit ago," Flamepaw cut him off.

"Oh. Thank you," Blackpelt said. "Do you know where they went?"

Flamepaw opened her mouth to answer, when Lilyfur and Lilacpaw pounded into camp, breathing heavily, their eyes wild with fear.

"We've been attacked!" Lilyfur screeched.

He's hurt! We couldn't bring him in fear that the movement would kill
him!" Lilacpaw paced around her mentor, talking furiously. "Somebody
help! Get Sparrowfeather!"

Moonstar raced out of her den, ears pricked. "What happened?"

"My kit!" Kindheart roared out of the warriors den and stopped in front of Lilacpaw and Lilyfur. "Where is he?"

Scorchfur slid to a halt at her side. "Take me to him!"

"We need Sparrowfeather!" Lilyfur exclaimed.

Sparrowfeather raced across the clearing, her jaws stuffed with herbs.

"We're coming!" Mallowpaw said, following pursuit.

and Snowpaw leaped after the gathering group. Lilyfur and Lilacpaw
turned and raced out of camp, followed by the cats. Snowpaw pounded
after them, a new kind of feeling stirring inside her. Not just fear for
a friend, but something stronger, something new.

She heard
Moonstar order the rest of the clan back to protect the camp. Glancing
back, she saw her mother staring after her. She gave a quick nod to
Snowpaw, as if understanding. Snowpaw felt gratitude towards her mother.

it didn't stay as she ran next to the patrol. She zoomed past them all,
pulling up next to Lilacpaw, who threw a glare at her. Snowpaw ignored

Close enough to smell the blood, Snowpaw pushed forward,
breaking into a clearing, a dark gray mound lying in the middle. Blood
glistened on his fur, the sun catching it just right.

Snowpaw exclaimed, leaping forward. Pressing her ear to his blood
stained fur, she could hear his heart beating faintly, feel the rise and
fall of his sides.

"He's still alive," Snowpaw called out as she
took a step back, making room for Sparrowfeather. It was apparent the
blood was coming from a claw wound on Sootpaw's neck. Mallowpaw grabbed
huge amounts of cobweb, pressing it into the wound.

crouched next to Sootpaw's head, licking his cheek. "Sootpaw?" she
meowed softly, her voice choked with emotion. She felt Kindheart's tail
flick against her flank, and scooted over to make room for Sootpaw's

Kindheart sat down next to Snowpaw, licking the blood away from Sootpaw's neck where the cobweb didn't cover.

of the corner of Snowpaw's eyes, she saw Lilacpaw glaring at her. She
looked up to face the black she-cat. Her dark green eyes bore into
Snowpaw's amber ones, but for once, Snowpaw didn't feel a tingling fear
run up her spine.

She glared right back, almost to say, "I dare
you." Lilacpaw stared at her for a few seconds more before turning away.
Feeling satisfaction overcome her, Snowpaw looked back down at Sootpaw.
His eyes were closed, the fur around his head clean.

He could be sleeping she thought. Oh StarClan, please don't take him away from me!

bleeding has stopped," Mallowpaw announced. She grabbed a few leaves
and placed them over the wound. She wrapped a thick layer of cobwebs
around his neck to hold the leaves in place.

Sparrowfeather stood up. "We need to bring him back to me den."

Scorchfur stepped forward. "How can we do that without reopening the wound?"

can carry him instead of drag him," Blackpelt suggested. He stepped
forward and carefully grasped Sootpaw's scruff in his jaws. Scorchfur
nosed his way under the bottom half of Sootpaw's body, managing to get
him up on his shoulders.

Together, Scorchfur and Blackpelt walked
step for step back to camp. Sparrowfeather and Mallowpaw checked him
constantly, making sure the wound hadn't reopened. But the leaves held
fast, and the wound stayed closed.

When they entered camp, Moonstar, who sat not far away, stood and padded over. "Is he okay?"

alive. We managed to patch the wound, but it could reopen if not
careful," Sparrowfeather answered. Glancing at Kindheart, she meowed, "I
don't know if he will survive or not."

"He's a strong cat. He
will survive," Moonstar said. She walked over to Kindheart and pressed
against her, trying to comfort her old friend.

Snowpaw followed
Blackpelt and Scorchfur as the brought Sootpaw into the medicine den.
She watched as they carefully lay him in a nest in the back.

"Good. Now, leave. He needs to rest. Standing around worrying about him won't help," Sparrowfeather ordered.

two toms padded out of the den, but Snowpaw stayed. She slowly walked
up to Sparrowfeather, who was checking Sootpaw's bandages.

"May I stay in here tonight?" she asked.

turned to look at her. She thought for a second before sighing. "Yes.
You can sleep in that nest over there," she motioned to a nest a few
tail-lengths away.

Snowpaw glanced outside. Darkness was settling
over the camp. She picked her way to the nest and collapsed into it,
suddenly feeling very tired. Before she could even think about the day,
she was asleep.

A paw prodding Snowpaw in the side woke
her up. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes, wondering why it was so
dark, until she realized it was still the middle of the night.

"Mallowpaw? What do you want?" Snowpaw asked.

"It's Sootpaw. He's awake, and he's asking for you," Mallowpaw said.

Snowpaw scrambled out of the nest, leaping to Sootpaw's side. "Sootpaw?"

the dim moonlight, she saw Sootpaw's head turn towards her. "Snowpaw!
I'm so happy to see you!" His voice sounded croaky, and it cracked
multiple times.

Snowpaw licked his cheek. "How are you feeling?"

Sootpaw meowed. Suddenly, his voice grew very quiet and harsh.
"Snowpaw, listen, I have to tell you something, but you can't ever tell anybody. It's a matter of life and death!"

Snowpaw was shocked by the sudden seriousness. "What? What is it?"

"Swear to me you won't tell a soul! I don't want to lose you!" Sootpaw said.

What could be so bad that a simple secret could mean her life or her death?

"I swear to StarClan I will never tell anybody," Snowpaw promised.

I was not attacked by rogues," Sootpaw meowed slowly. "I was attacked
by Lilyfur and Lilacpaw. They are the ones who killed Whitefoot and
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Chapter 6

Flamepaw sat at the edge of the clearing, washing her side, a half-eaten
water vole at her paws. The clan bustled about, getting their meal and
settling down to eat and share tongues with each other as the sun slid
closer to the horizon.

She watched as Heatherpool and Foxwhisper
settled down next to each other. Heatherpool's stomach was slightly
swollen with kits due in a moon.

Flamepaw stopped washing and sat
up to watch as the two shared their prey. She wondered if she would
ever have a mate. The only toms in the clan without a mate were
Marshpaw, Robinpaw and Sootpaw, and it was clear from the way Snowpaw
and Sootpaw suddenly clung to each other it was only a matter of time
before her sister had kits of her own. Besides, she had never felt
anything other than friendship with Marshpaw and Robinpaw, and it seemed
they too felt the same.

Flamepaw glanced at the two newly named
warriors, Cinderblossom and Thrushpelt. They had received their names
only a few days ago. She watched as they shared tongues together.

she ever have a mate? Would she ever find somebody who loved her back
in that way? As Flamepaw's eyes roamed the clearing, she felt more and
more alone. Especially when they stopped on Sootpaw and Snowpaw, happily
chatting together as the shared a squirrel, their pelts pressed

A moon had passed since his attack, and despite the
fact that Sootpaw had missed about half a moon of training while
recovering, he was catching up quickly with the help of Snowpaw. They
spent so much time together that the only time Flamepaw could ever talk
to her sister was if she woke Snowpaw up in the middle of the night.
Snowpaw was gone before Flamepaw was awake and asleep long before
Flamepaw. In between, Snowpaw was always training, either with Sunheart
or Sootpaw.

Flamepaw sighed and took a half-hearted bite out of
her water vole. She poked at the vole and then stood, not really hungry.
She decided to talk to her mother. Maybe she could find comfort in

But as Flamepaw approached the Leader's den, she heard
voices coming from the den. Padding closer, she pricked her ears and
strained to hear them.

"...a dream. StarClan sent me a prophecy,"
Flamepaw recognized Sparrowfeather's voice. There was a rustle, and she
guessed Moonstar had sat up in her nest.

"What was it?" she heard Moonstar's shocked voice.

blazing snow and the flickering flame will have powers greater than
StarClan, and they will come together to melt the darkness that
threatens MoonClan and restore peace to the forest," Sparrowfeather

Flamepaw felt a chill crawl up her spine. She glanced around at the cats in the clearing, wondering who they could be.

Her attention was snapped back to the den as Moonstar and Sparrowfeather continued.

"Who do you think they could be?" Moonstar asked.

admit I gave it some thought before I came to you, and I think I have a
pretty good guess," Sparrowfeather meowed. "I believe it is Snowpaw and
Flamepaw who are prophesied to save us."

Flamepaw's heart
stopped. She felt frozen, her paws rooted to the ground. Her and her
sister were prophesized to save MoonClan from this threat? They were
supposed to have powers beyond even StarClan?

mind flashed back to when they were kits and she had felt the fox's
presence. And then to when she had felt Blackpelt's patrol, had known
they were coming, before they were even visible. Was that really her
power; to sense and feel presences?

"But they are only apprentices! What makes you think they are the Two?" Moonstar asked her voice full of shock.

blazing snow and a flickering flame...Moonstar, who else? Snowpaw is
the blazing snow and Flamepaw is the flickering flame! They have to be!"
Sparrowfeather exclaimed.

Was it true? Was Flamepaw really the flickering flame destined to save MoonClan?

"But...they are so young..." Moonstar's voice had grown to a whisper, and Flamepaw strained hard to hear it.

know they are, but they are strong, and if they really are the Two in
the prophecy, I know they will be able to save MoonClan," Sparrowfeather

"But what if they die in the process?" Moonstar asked.

"They won't. StarClan will be with them, Moonstar. Trust them."

"You're right, but I just can't get over how dangerous it is," Moonstar said. There was a pause. "Is that all, Sparrowfeather?"

"Yes," Sparrowfeather meowed.

you may leave," Moonstar said. "But don't tell anybody about the
prophecy. We don't want to worry the clan when we haven't fully figured
everything out."

"I won't," Sparrowfeather meowed. Flamepaw heard
rustling and fear instantly filled her. She had to get away before they
found out she had been eavesdropping!

Flamepaw dove into the
bushes by the den. She watched as Sparrowfeather padded out of the den
and padded away towards the medicine den. Flamepaw slid out of the
bushes and hesitated in front of the Leader's den. She then ran off,
passing her half-eaten vole and pushing into the apprentices den.
Snowpaw lay in her nest, fast asleep already.

Flamepaw flopped
into her own nest beside her sister, her mind racing at all she had
learned. She glanced at Snowpaw, wondering if she should tell her.

I don't want to worry her with this responsibility. I will pretend I
never knew about it, and let Snowpaw figure out this when Moonstar is
ready to tell everybody.
Flamepaw thought. Yeah, that's a good idea!

curled up and laid her tail over her muzzle. She closed her eyes and
fought for sleep. She let out a sigh, trying to calm her reeling mind,
and slowly, sleep overtook her.

The air flew out of
Flamepaw's lungs as she was thrown onto her back on the ground. She felt
claws digging into her shoulder, and pain seared through her pelt. She
kicked out at the cat that held her down, trying to dislodge them.

She's trying to kill me! Flamepaw screamed in her head. For some reason, Flamepaw wasn't at all surprised. She knew this cat had hated her for forever.

the weight was lifted, a yowl of anger splitting the sky. Flamepaw
gasped as she managed to catch her breath. Snowpaw's face appeared above
her. "Are you ok?" she asked worriedly, sniffing at Flamepaw's wounds.
Flamepaw stood and shook out her pelt, blood drops flying away from her
and exploding on the ground.

"I'm fine," Flamepaw growled
irritably. She turned to watch Blackpelt chastise Lilacpaw about how
they were just training and how they weren't using claws and how she
couldn't get carried away when doing a simple battle move.

rounded on Lilyfur, who was sitting a little bit away, watching it all
unfold. "Why didn't you stop her?" Fleetwind yowled at her angrily.

need to learn how to fight! They won't learn anything playing like kits
with claws sheathed!" Lilyfur growled, standing up.

"Funny, it
feels like I have had the conversation before," Blackpelt growled at
Lilyfur, done chastising Lilacpaw, who looked sullen. "Oh wait, I have."

Lilyfur narrowed her eyes at him. "Scorchfur said attack. I attacked," she growled.

Let's get back to training! We aren't doing any good standing here
fighting about how we train our apprentices" Sunheart growled.

is right," Blackpelt said. Turning on Lilacpaw, he growled, "I will be
speaking to Moonstar about this. I don't think she will take too kindly
to you using claws against her daughter like that during training."
Lilacpaw glared at him furiously as he turned away.

Why did they have to pair me with her in the first place?
Flamepaw thought. But she already knew, and it made her pelt prickle
with annoyance. The mentors could see what was going on between Snowpaw
and Sootpaw, and so they paired them together during training.

we will try the move again, except you will switch, and the other
partner will try the move," Blackpelt said. Flamepaw turned to Lilacpaw,
who stared at her menacingly.

Flamepaw felt bile rise in her
throat as she prepared for the attack. The move was simple. Slip under
the opponent and throw them back with as much force as you can when they
attacked. Problem was, Flamepaw didn't know how Lilacpaw would attack,
and that made her very uneasy

Suddenly, Lilacpaw leaped,
extending her paws for Flamepaw's front legs, but Flamepaw was ready.
She could tell Lilacpaw was trying to make the gap between her and the
earth too small for Flamepaw to squeeze under, but Lilacpaw
overestimated her size.

Flamepaw dove under her and pushed up
with as much force as she could. She felt Lilacpaw's body on her back
only for a second before Lilacpaw was sent flying away, her jaws open in
a loud yowl of surprise.

Lilacpaw hit the ground with a loud
thump multiple fox-lengths away, a gasp escaping her as the breath was
knocked from her lungs. Flamepaw looked at her smugly. How does it feel to be the one thrown onto the ground, Lilacpaw? she thought.

As Flamepaw glanced around, she was greeted by shocked expressions from the other cats in the clearing.

"What?" she asked.

"I have only ever seen one cat throw another cat that far," Blackpelt said. "That was Lionstar!"

"How did you do that?" Sootpaw pressed.

blinked at them. She had no clue how she'd done that, so she just
shrugged. Turning, she watched Lilacpaw pull herself to her paws and
limp over, her front paw tucked up under her. She glared at Flamepaw
harder than Flamepaw had ever seen anybody glare at anyone, and it made
her pelt prickle with a sense of fear.

"You might want to get
that looked at. Why don't we go back to camp? I think we have had enough
training for one day," Blackpelt meowed. He turned and padded away,
Sootpaw following. Flamepaw trotted up to Fleetwind, who had a very
proud look on her face. Snowpaw and Sunheart padded next to them, while
Lilyfur and Lilacpaw hung at the back of the group.

they all padded towards camp, the evening sun and trees casting dappled
light on their pelts. When they reached camp, Blackpelt split away from
the group to talk to Moonstar, who sat outside her den.

hung out in the clearing, knowing it was only a matter of time before
she was called to see Moonstar. And she was right. Soon after Blackpelt
and Moonstar began talking, they called out to her, Lilacpaw and
Lilyfur. Flamepaw padded over, dreading the conversation ahead.

tells me you two got in a fight with claws unsheathed," Moonstar meowed
to Lilacpaw and Flamepaw when the three of them had gathered.

"No, Lilacpaw attacked me with claws unsheathed," Flamepaw said.

that is what I meant, and that is why I called you, Lilyfur," Moonstar
looked up at the orange tabby she-cat. "You did the same as an
apprentice, which makes me wonder if something is up."

shrugged. "They need to experience pain and learn to fight it. Training
with claws sheathed like we're kittypets is not going to help us much in
battle!" Flamepaw was shocked by how straightforward Lilyfur was
towards her leader. She wasn't trying to hide anything.

"No! We
don't use claws in training!" Moonstar growled. "That is why it is
called training. What's the point of training for battle if we're
scratched and covered in wounds when the actual battle comes?" Lilyfur
glared at her, but had the sense to keep her mouth shut. "You are no
longer allowed to teach this nonsense, or else you will be punished! As
for you," Moonstar turned on Lilacpaw, "you should know better! You will
be tending to our elder for a moon. That means bringing him food,
checking him for ticks, and yes, cleaning out his dirt."

"But that's disgusting!" Lilacpaw exclaimed.

"I don't care. I suggest you go start now," Moonstar said.

Lilacpaw growled, but turned around and obeyed, stomping off to elder's den.

Moonstar turned to Lilyfur. "No meal for you tonight. Go."


"Go!" Moonstar hissed.

stormed off towards the warriors den. Flamepaw felt herself shrink in
her pelt as her mother's angry gaze fell on her, but it softened
instantly. "Blackpelt told me about your impressive move," she meowed.

"Thanks?" Flamepaw said.

Moonstar looked her over, a calculating and questionable look on her face. Flamepaw felt uncomfortable, shifting where she sat.

"I'm very proud of you," she felt her mother's tongue lick her on the head. "Go get something to eat. I will see you tomorrow."

stood up and padded away towards the fresh-kill pile. Picking up a
mouse, she retreated a little ways and lay down to eat it.

She wasn't far into her meal when she felt a breath stir her ear fur and a voice spoke right beside her.

will regret this!" Flamepaw leaped up in surprise to see Lilacpaw
glaring at her. A chill ran up her spine as she watched Lilacpaw turn
and pad away. Lying back down, she tried to relax as she continued

"What was that about?" Flamepaw looked up to see Snowpaw standing over her.

"Lilacpaw is just mad at me for beating her in training earlier, that's all," Flamepaw said.

Snowpaw snorted. "What's new? She's always mad at somebody." She sat down next to Flamepaw. "Be careful, alright?"

"What do you mean?" Flamepaw asked.

glanced across the clearing, where Lilacpaw sat, eating a squirrel. She
didn't try to hide the fact at all that she was watching them.

"Just, be careful with Lilacpaw, okay? Please?"

"Ok, whatever," Flamepaw said.

"I'm serious! Promise me you'll try your best to put up with her!" Snowpaw said urgently.

Flamepaw sat up and stared at her sister worriedly. "Why? What has gotten you all worked up? What did she say to you?"

"Nothing! Just promise me, okay? Promise me you will try to stay out of her way."

Flamepaw sighed. "I promise, okay?"

"Thank you," Snowpaw breathed a sigh of relief before padding away.

"Well that was odd," Flamepaw mumbled. "Well, I can't worry about my sister's sanity right now. I have a mouse to finish!"

lie down again and bit into her mouse, chewing up the mouthful and
swallowing. It tasted delicious! Flamepaw finished her mouse, licking
her lips and standing up. She stretched and picked her way over to the
apprentices den. Sootpaw was already relaxing in his nest, and Robinpaw
was asleep in the back.

"Nice job during training today, Flamepaw!" he meowed as she entered.

"Thank you," Flamepaw answered, curling up in her own nest. She closed her eyes, flicking her tail over her muzzle.

"You will regret this!" Lilacpaw's words bounced around in her mind. How would she regret it? What would Lilacpaw do?

mind flashed to Snowpaw and how she asked her to try and put up with
Lilacpaw. She snorted softly. "Like that will ever happen," she mumbled.

"What?" Sootpaw's voice sounded from the other side of the den.

Flamepaw said, burying her muzzle deeper in her nest. She let out a
sigh and slowly, darkness took her mind, and she fell asleep.
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Chapter 7

A full moon floated high up in the sky as the clan gathered under the
High Limb. Starpelt shone up above, every star symbolizing a brave
fallen warrior. Light chatter sounded among the group of cats.

shifted in her spot between Flamepaw and Sootpaw. It was a clan
tradition for every able cat to gather together underneath the High Limb
every full moon. Even the kits, scolded into sitting quietly, would
watch from the back with the queens.

Moonstar leaped up onto the
High Limb, the signal that the gathering was starting. A hush flew over
the crowd, making the camp eerily silent. Moonstar sat up tall on the
branch, and out of the corner of her eye, Snowpaw could see her father,
Dayflight, sitting tall and proud at seeing his mate up there, his eyes
glowing with pride.

"Who would like to share first?" Moonstar asked.

was Mapleheart who stood up. "I would like to, Moonstar," she said.
Moonstar nodded, giving Mapleheart permission. Ashclaw stood up beside

"Ashclaw and I are expecting kits!" Mapleheart called proudly, her eyes shining with glee.

were no gasps of shock or surprise. Everybody had been expecting this.
Instead, there was a chorus of cheers and congratulations. Kits were
always welcome news to the clan.

Mapleheart and Ashclaw sat back
down again, and the clan waited for another cat to stand. During the
silence, Snowpaw glanced to Flamepaw. She looked lost in a deep thought,
and Snowpaw's mind flashed to earlier that day when she had told her
sister to try and get along with Lilacpaw. She didn't want her sister to
be killed like Whitefoot and Coldheart.

Sootpaw had just managed
to survive his attack. Snowpaw wondered why she couldn't tell anyone
who the real murderers are. Lilacpaw and Lilyfur would be exiled before
they could ever do anything to her.

'But what if they came back?'
a little voice in the back of her mind questioned. 'Or what if the clan
didn't believe the story, and they weren't exiled?'

shifted again in her spot. She looked up at Sootpaw, and felt relaxed as
his comforting gaze turned to her. She let out a purr and nuzzled his

The silence dragged on, and soon it was evident nobody else
had any news to share. Moonstar stood on the branch, balancing
perfectly. "If no one else has anything to say," She paused briefly to
give anybody who needed it a second chance to speak up, "then this
gathering is over."

Moonstar leaped down and the clan instantly broke up. Snowpaw stood up and stretched. "That was a short meeting," she meowed.

"No kidding," Sootpaw agreed.

Flamepaw yawned. "Come on. Let's go get some sleep," she meowed sleepily.

nodded in agreement, and followed her sister back to the holly bush
that made up the apprentices den, Sootpaw at her side. She squeezed into
the den and plopped down into her nest. Closing her eyes, she took a
deep breath and let her mind succumb to sleep.

A paw jabbing Snowpaw in the side woke her up.

"Ow!" she yelped, her eyes flying open.

"Sorry," Robinpaw meowed. "Sunheart says to get up."

yawned and stretched, sitting up in her nest. She washed herself
quickly, noting that she was the last to wake up. Reaching her paw into
Flamepaw's nest, she realized it was still warm.

Sliding out of her own nest, Snowpaw left the den to be confronted by Sunheart. "Come on." he said before turning away.

"What are we doing today?" Snowpaw asked.

"Hearing a story," Sunheart meowed, padding towards the elder's den.

Snowpaw stopped. "A story?" she exclaimed. "That's all we're doing today?"

Sunheart meowed as Snowpaw trotted to catch up. "It's a clan tradition
that the elders tell this story to the apprentices before they become

"Oh," Snowpaw meowed, following after. They entered
the elders den to find Flamepaw, Lilacpaw and Sootpaw already sitting
around Dappleclaw.

Snowpaw slid in between Flamepaw and Sootpaw. "Where's Robinpaw and Marshpaw?" she asked.

have already heard it a while back when you were still kits,"
Dappleclaw meowed, stretching. "Now, let's get started with this story!"

"What is the story about?" Flamepaw asked.

"The beginning of MoonClan," Dappleclaw said. "Now, no interrupting and don't ask questions until the end."

Snowpaw, Flamepaw and Sootpaw nodded while Lilacpaw let out a bored and annoyed sigh.

did not start out alone." Dappleclaw started. "There were actually four
clans in the beginning. They were started by five siblings, Stream,
Forest, Moon, Fire and Breeze. They wanted to make a pack to be
stronger, but they all thought they should lead, and they all wanted the
pack to be named after them.

"They fought constantly until one
day, Forest got the idea that they should split and start their own
packs and lead each themselves. So they did. And they called the Clans.

was skilled at swimming. She gathered rouges and loners together who
were lithe and swift in the water, and started StreamClan.

was an amazing climber and the biggest and strongest of his siblings.
He gathered many cats together like him, and started ForestClan.

was an amazing runner, faster than all of his siblings. He was small,
but had long legs made for running. He, too, gathered cats like him, and
started BreezeClan.

"And Moon was the best hunter. She could
walk across the ground without a single noise. Night was her friend. She
gathered cats like herself, and started MoonClan.

"Fire was the
runt of the litter. He didn't want to start a clan, and never did. Moon
was his protector, and protected him from the older siblings who picked
on him. So, instead of starting his own clan, he left to join MoonClan,
and Moon taught him all she knew. He became her loyal deputy.

four leaders gathered, and came up with the clan traditions and the
warrior code. Stream, Forest, Breeze and Moon became Streamstar,
Foreststar, Breezestar, and Moonstar."

Snowpaw's ears pricked forward at the mention of her mother's name.

she is not the same Moonstar that we have now." Dappleclaw meowed,
noticing Snowpaw's ears. "Moons went by, and the clans continued on,
growing slowly. But Moonstar began to hate the other clans. They had
grown greedy and wanted more territory, more prey. They attacked her
clan in attempt to steal some of her territory. MoonClan won every time,
but she was getting tired of seeing her cats injured and battle-worn.

talked to her clan, and most agreed they should leave. So, at the next
Gathering, she told the other clans that MoonClan was leaving and never
coming back. They were shocked, and asked her to stay, but she refused,
and the next day, MoonClan abandoned the territory and left. They
traveled far until they found this territory moons and moons ago, and we
have lived here ever since."

"Well," Lilacpaw said as he
finished, starting to stand up, "that was really interesting but I
really want to go train." She turned and left.

Snowpaw watched her go out, and then turned to Dappleclaw. "Is that all of the story?"

Dappleclaw nodded.

"That was an amazing story," Flamepaw said as she stood up. "I never knew there were other clans!"

nodded in agreement, rising and leaving the den with Flamepaw and
Sootpaw right behind her. She trotted over to Sunheart.

"Can we go train? Please!" she begged. The sun had not reached the top of the sky, and she had a lot of energy.

Sunheart nodded. "Come on, I'm going to teach you how to catch fish!"

Snowpaw followed excitedly as they left the camp.

"We don't usually fish," Sunheart began as they walked towards the river, "but in times of need, we do for extra prey."

"I've never tasted fish," Snowpaw commented as they walked.

"I think you'll find the taste very...interesting," Sunheart said with amusement.

continued on through the forest, their paws pattering on the ground.
Snowpaw pricked her ears as the sound of rushing water filled her ears.
She broke into a trot and stopped at the edge of the river.

watched as things moved along in the river. Sticks lazily floated by,
rocks tumbled at the bottom, and flashes of silver signaled fish
swimming by. Snowpaw splashed her paw in the water and watched with
amusement as the fish scattered.

"Well don't do that! You'll scare them all away! We'll never catch anything!" Sunheart meowed as he padded up beside her.

"Oops," Snowpaw said. "Sorry!"

"It's okay. Come on, let's go upstream a little bit," he said, walking away down the bank, heading deeper into the forest.

followed, watching as the water flowed by the opposite direction,
heading towards the Twolegplace far in the distance. Sunlight shone in
the surface, casting light in all directions as the water moved. She
closed her eyes, listening to the gently rushing of the water, and
letting it calm her.

Snowpaw's heart flew down into her stomach
as she suddenly flew forward. There was a splash, and she was swallowed
up with water. Kicking out, her front paw struck the bed of the river,
and she let out a cry of pain that was lost in the water. Standing up,
she realized she was only belly deep.

Snowpaw grimaced as she
placed her injured paw on the ground. Two of her paws were aching. Her
back right leg from tripping and her front left leg from hitting the bed
of the river. Her pelt was completely soaked, water streaming off of

"Are you okay?" Sunheart asked, standing just out of the
reach of the water. Snowpaw limped slowly out of the water and sat down
with a huff.

"Sort of," she meowed.

"Anything broken?" Sunheart asked. Snowpaw shook her head. "Anything out of socket?"

"No," Snowpaw was getting a little irritated.

"Anything we have to go back to camp for?"


"Are you sure?"

Snowpaw snapped. Ignoring Sunheart's hurt expression, she began to wash
her pelt. Sunheart padded up and sat next to her and began to wash the
top of her head and neck. She stiffened for a second, a little shocked,
but the relaxed and let him continue. It felt good, the rhythmic tongue
on her sopping fur.

Snowpaw finished washing her sides and stood
up, shaking out her pelt. Sunheart stood and took a step back. "Ready to
go hunting now?"

Snowpaw nodded, and followed him down the bank.
Suddenly, her hackles rose as she felt eyes burning into the back of
her neck. Whirling around, she looked at the forest behind her. Her eyes
fell on a thick holly bush. She thought she saw a flash of blue eyes,
but then it was gone. Fur standing up, she turned and ran to catch up
with Sunheart.

Sunheart stopped by the river a few moments later. He sat down and nodded to the spot beside him. Snowpaw sat down next to him.

fish, you first have to make sure your shadow doesn't fall over the
river or you will scare away the fish," Sunheart said, shifting a little
so the little bit of shadow that touched the water moved to the shore.
Snowpaw did the same.

"Raise your paw above the water and hold
perfectly still. When you see a fish, you have to reach out as fast as
you can for it and hook it with you paw, then throw it onto the bank. I
will show you." Sunheart raised his paw over the water. He sat
completely still of what seemed like forever. Suddenly, his paw flashed
out and splashed into the water. Snowpaw winced as the droplets hit her.

threw the fish onto the bank. He leaped forward, biting it and killing
it quickly. "You have to kill it before it flops back into the river,"
Sunheart instructed. "Now, you try."

Snowpaw looked back at the
water and raised her paw over it. She waited, as still as she could. She
saw a flash of silver and plunged her paw into the water. She reached
out for the fish, but it was too fast for her, and swam away quickly.

"Fox-dung!" Snowpaw cursed.

Sunheart let out a mrow of laughter. "Don't worry. You'll get it. Try again."

raised her paw over the river again, her face contorted with
concentration. She suddenly reached out again, hooking her claws around
the slimy body of a fish, and then throwing it out of the water. She
dove forward, killing it quickly.

Snowpaw felt herself glowing with pride as she stared at her catch. "Great job!" Sunheart praised. "You're quite the natural!"

Snowpaw purred. "Well, I have a great mentor!" she said.

"Aw, thank you," Sunheart said. "You're a great apprentice!"

Snowpaw felt herself fill with happiness at the praise.

"Come on." Sunheart meowed. "Let's see what else we can catch."

"Sparrowfeather! Mallowpaw! Wake up! Heatherpool is kitting!"

eyes shot open at the sound of the yowl. She yawned and stretched, then
sat up in her nest, suddenly filled with excitement. Heatherpool was
having her kits! These would be the first kits since Flamepaw and she
had been born. The clan needs kits.

"Flamepaw!" Snowpaw prodded her sister in the side. "Heatherpool is kitting!"

"I know," Flamepaw groaned. "I can hear. Now let me go back to sleep!"

rolled her eyes and leaped out of her nest. "Sootpaw?" she called
softly across the den. She watched the mound of fur that was Sootpaw
shift, and then his head poked out.

"What?" he said sleepily.

"Come on! Heatherpool is kitting!" Snowpaw said.

Sootpaw suddenly sat up. "Really?" he slid from the nest.

"Yes! Come on!"

two of them left the den and trotted across the clearing. Multiple cats
were already there. Moonstar and Scorchfur stood outside the den.
Mapleheart, her belly getting bigger each day, sat beside Ashclaw. Both
had a hint of worry to their face. Blackpelt and Shimmermist stood
outside the den, both of them looking a little antsy, glancing at the
Nursery entrance, waiting for the news that their daughter and her kits
were fine.

A yowl of pain split the air as Snowpaw padded up to
Moonstar and sat beside her. Moonstar looked down at her and let out a
purr. "Come to see Heatherpool's kits?"

Snowpaw nodded. She
pricked her ears, listening to the sounds coming from the Nursery. She
heard Heatherpool yowl in pain. A second later, there was the wailing if
a kit. Snowpaw waited, tense.

As another cry came from the
Nursery, Snowpaw thought about the kits. She wondered what they would
look like. She thought about the growing up to be fit, strong warriors
like Heatherpool and Foxwhisper. But first, they would need training.
That was six moons from now. Would she be old enough to train them by
then? Surely Moonstar would make her a warrior soon!

mind flashed to a moon ago when Sunheart had taught her how to fish. He
had taught her so much! Was there really anything else to learn? All
they really did now was practice old battle moves. Sunheart hadn't shown
her anything new in days.

Snowpaw's heart leapt at the thought
that she might soon be a warrior. She wondered what her warrior name
would be. Snowheart? Snowfur? Snowpelt?

Snowpaw was wrenched from
her fantasies as Sparrowfeather came out of the Nursery. "Two kits!"
she announced. "A tom and a she-cat! Both are healthy and Heatherpool is
fine. The birth went perfectly!"

Shimmermist and Blackpelt pushed forward. "May we go in?" Shimmermist asked.

nodded. "Of course." She watched as the two disappeared inside the
Nursery, and then turned to the rest of the cats waiting outside in the
clearing. "Let her rest. You can see the kits in the morning."

Snowpaw stood and turned to Sootpaw. "I'm glad they are alright," she meowed.

too," Sootpaw said. He leaned forward and licked her on the cheek. "One
day we'll have kits of our own," he whispered into her ear.

pelt grew hot, but she ignored it. Instead, she let out a purr and
leaned on his shoulder. "Yes, we will. And they will be perfect."

she said that, she felt eyes drilling a hole in the back of her head.
Glancing at the apprentice den, she saw two piercing blue eyes staring
at her and Sootpaw from the darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:15 pm

Chapter 8

"I, Moonstar, leader of MoonClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look
down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the
ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their

"Lilacpaw, Sootpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan, even at the cost of your lives?"

could barely contain her excitement as she watched Moonstar say the
ceremonial words, dreaming of her own warrior ceremony in only a few
days. But it was clear Sootpaw was even more excited, his amber eyes
glowing, his pelt fluffed up with pride as he said, "I do!"

"I do," Lilacpaw said, her expression much more reserved and content.

How can she be so calm at a time like this? Flamepaw thought. She's about to become a warrior!

by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Lilacpaw,
from this moment on, you will be known as Lilacslash. StarClan honors
your courage and bravery, and we welcome you as a full warrior of

Flamepaw watched as Moonstar stepped forward and
rested her chin on Lilacslash's head. The black she-cat licked
Moonstar's shoulder before stepping back and holding her head up high.

stepped back to where she was and looked at Sootpaw. "Sootpaw, from
this moment on, you will be known as Sootlife. You have gone through
much in your apprenticeship. Even though you lost lots of time where you
could have been training, you still pulled through and managed to catch
up with your sister so you could become a warrior with her. MoonClan
needs cats like you, which is why StarClan honors your courage and
bravery, and we all welcome you as a full warrior of MoonClan."

could see Sootlife's legs shaking as Moonstar rested her chin on his
head. He licked her shoulder respectfully before stepping back.

Sootlife! Lilacslash! Sootlife!" Flamepaw chanted with the rest of the
clan as they cheered the new warriors. Snowpaw bounded forward, nearly
tackling Sootlife.

"Congratulations!" she exclaimed. Flamepaw let out an amused mrow of laughter at her sister. She trotted forward, prodding Snowpaw in the side.

"Calm down!" she said.

Snowpaw turned to her and let out a purr. "We'll be warriors soon."

Flamepaw nodded. "We'll be the best warriors ever."

"Sootlife! Sootlife!" Mosskit and Graykit came barreling across the clearing, skidding to a halt in front of Sootlife.

does it feel like to be a warrior?" Mosskit asked, bouncing around his
legs. She had dark orange fur, just like her father, with bright blue

"Yeah!" Graykit exclaimed, his gray, speckled fur fluffing
up. "What's it like? Is it cool? Does it feel good to have the clan
chant your name? Huh? Does it?"

Sootlife leaned down to look at
the kits. "It feels exhilarating, and you feel like you are on air when
they chant your name, like there is nobody but you!"

"Wow!" Graykit squeaked. "I can't wait to be a warrior! I'm going to be the best one ever!"

"No!" Mosskit exclaimed. "I will be!"

leaped at her brother, pushing him to the ground. Graykit squeaked in
shock and lashed out at her. Together, the two kits tussled, a little
ball of gray and orange fur.

"Graykit! Mosskit!" Heatherpool came
bounding over. She swept her kits toward her with her tail and grabbed
Graykit's scruff, pulling him off his sister. She placed him on the
ground, then looked up at Sootlife. "I'm sorry if they annoyed you."

"Oh, not at all, Heatherpool! They were fine," Sootlife said.

looked at him gratefully. "Come on, let's go back to the Nursery," she
said, looking down to her kits. "It's time you had something to eat."
She stood up and walked away.

"Oh, good! I'm starving!" Mosskit exclaimed, following.

"Me too!" Graykit said, trotting along next to his sister.

Snowpaw, Flamepaw and Sootlife watched them pad away. Snowpaw turned to Sootlife and asked, "How old are they?"

"About half a moon," he said.

"They're so small and young," Flamepaw commented.

"But energetic!" Snowpaw meowed with amusement.

"Yes, they certainly are!" Sootlife agreed.

were all like that when you were kits," Blackpelt came padding up
behind Flamepaw. He stopped in front of Sootlife. "I'm so proud of you.
You have come such a long way since you started your training. You will
make a very fine warrior."

"Thank you," Sootlife meowed gratefully. Blackpelt nodded, turning and padding away towards the warriors den.

"A fine warrior?" Snowpaw said when Blackpelt was out of earshot. "You'll be a great warrior!"

glanced to her sister. Snowpaw's eyes shone as she looked at Sootlife.
Was that with respect, or something more? Flamepaw sure it was something
more. She knew Snowpaw really liked Sootlife, and could see that
Sootlife really liked her back.

But who was there to like
Flamepaw? Marshfur? Robinwing? The two newly named warriors were
mateless, but she had never felt that way about them. They weren't
really even all that close to her. They were just clanmates.

Flamepaw sighed, a stab of envy filling her. Why did Snowpaw have someone to love her, and not Flamepaw?

glanced at the sky. Starpelt was shinning above them, the moon low in
the sky. "I'm going to bed. Have a nice vigil, Sootlife," she said.

"Oh yeah! I forgot about my vigil!" Sootlife exclaimed. "Goodnight, Snowpaw."

"Goodnight, Sootlife!" Snowpaw meowed as Flamepaw padded away. Pawsteps thudded behind her as Snowpaw ran to catch up.

"I can't wait for our warrior ceremony!" Snowpaw said excitedly.

"Yeah," Flamepaw mumbled.

"Soon, we will be warriors!"


Snowpaw stopped in her tracks. "What's up with you? A second ago you were happy, now you are suddenly all gloomy!"

Flamepaw stopped and looked back. "Nothing, I'm just...tired."

"That's the most mouse-brained excuse ever." Snowpaw said, trotting to stand beside Flamepaw.

"I don't care," Flamepaw growled, continuing on her way towards the apprentice den.

"What's wrong?" Snowpaw questioned.


"There's something wrong!"

leave me alone, okay?" Flamepaw growled, turning on her sister. Shock
flickered across Snowpaw's face and she took a step back. Flamepaw
turned back and pushed into the den, flopping into her nest without a
second thought. She pushed her muzzle deep into her nest, laying her
tail over her face. She heard Snowpaw come in, and felt the nest next to
her shift as her sister settled into her nest.

Flamepaw shifted slightly in her nest before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

"What is wrong with you today? We've been out here since the sun came up and you haven't caught anything!"

ears flattened against her head as Fleetwind chastised her. It was
true. It was already sunhigh and she hadn't managed to catch any prey.
She was just so preoccupied, thinking about different things from
Snowpaw and Sootlife to the prophecy.

"Let me go off on my own!" Flamepaw said. "I'll do better alone."

Fleetwind stared at her for a few moments before saying, "Fine. Go hunt, then meet me here later."

nodded. She turned and took off into the forest, away from the river.
She leaped over a log that she could remember having to climb over when
she was first apprenticed. It satisfied her to know how far she had
come, that only in a few days, she would be a warrior. When would
Fleetwind assess her? Was she watching her now?

Flamepaw slid to a
halt, glancing around. Pricking her ears, she listened for any sounds.
Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ever since she
had figured out about the prophecy, she had embraced her power to feel
presences. She was so sure it was the power StarClan had given her to
defeat the darkness. Throwing out her senses, she felt the air for any
presences. A mouse scurried around the roots of an ash tree. A rabbit
nibbled on a flower.

She widened her senses, feeling all the cats
in the camp milling around, and more cats in the forest. Each presence
felt like a tug on her consciousness, and she could pinpoint exactly
where the tug was coming from. A patrol was walking along the border.
Cinderblossom was stalking a squirrel.

Fleetwind was traveling
away from Flamepaw, going towards the river. Flamepaw's eyes flew open
and she let out the breath she had been holding.

Looking around,
she listened for the mouse she had felt. It was a few fox-lengths away,
nibbling on a nut. Flamepaw dropped into the hunter's crouch, sliding
across the ground, completely silent.

When she was only a couple
tail-lengths away, Flamepaw pounced, landing square on the mouse and
killing it with a quick bite to the neck. She picked it up, glancing
around at the forest before digging a quick hole and dropping the mouse
in it. She covered the hole, and then continued on her way, heading
towards the rabbit.

It was exactly where she had left it, eating away at the tops of a patch of flowers. They looked like marigold.

Oh no you don't! Flamepaw thought, creeping up on the rabbit.


rabbit froze as the snapping sound echoed through the air. Glancing
down, Flamepaw saw a large stick under her paw, broken clean in half.

leaped forward as the rabbit darted away. She landed in the ground
where it was a second before. Gaining her balance, Flamepaw turned and
charged after the rabbit, the thrill of the hunt coursing through her.
It was heading towards the fields.

If it got to the fields, it
would cross the border. Of course, Flamepaw could cross it if she wanted
to. Nobody owned the fields. But if the rabbit had that wide open
space, Flamepaw would never be able to get it.

lengthened her strides, catching up to the rabbit. She leaped, breaking
free of the trees and flying across the border. Paws extended, she
landing on the rabbit, digging her claws into it's sides.

As she
landed, Flamepaw leaned forward and bit down on the rabbit's neck,
killing it. She stood up straight, panting, staring at the dead rabbit
at her paws. Shaking out her fur, she picked up the rabbit and trotted
back into the forest, going back to the place where she buried her

She buried the rabbit with the mouse, and then padded away, listening for more prey.

dropped her prey at Fleetwind's paws. After catching the rabbit and
mouse, she had managed to find a mouse-brained thrush who walked into
her claws.

"Nice catch! You did a great job!" Fleetwind praised,
adding her own catch, a fish and a squirrel, to the pile. "Let's go drop
this on the fresh-kill pile, and then we can hunt some more."

Flamepaw nodded and picked up her prey. Fleetwind grabbed her own in her jaws and led the way back to camp.

padded into camp and made her way over to the fresh-kill pile. She
dropped her prey among the rest, and then turned to pad out of camp.

Flamepaw froze, the fur standing up along her spine, as a shriek of pain cut through the air. It was coming from the Nursery.

"Sparrowfeather!" Heatherpool exploded from the Nursery, Graykit and Mosskit tumbling after. "Help! Mapleheart is kitting!"

"What?" Ashclaw pelted across the clearing, stopping in front of Heatherpool. "But it's too early!"

"Does it matter?" Heatherpool hissed.

Ashclaw stood there, his jaw moving slightly, but no words coming out.

flew out of the medicine den, herbs stuffed in her mouth. Mallowpaw was
right behind, her own jaws filled with leaves and roots. They pushed
past the two cats, slipping into the Nursery. A distressed Ashclaw

Flamepaw trotted to the Nursery, stopping outside with
the gathering cats. Everybody in the camp was coming out of their dens
to investigate, drawn by the yowls of pain coming from inside the

Oh StarClan, please don't take another cat away from us!
Flamepaw thought. The clan had a faced a hard last few seasons, what
with all the attacks and such. Heatherpool rarely ever let her kits
leave the Nursery, and when they did, she was always there, always
watching. Flamepaw didn't blame her, of course. If she had kits, she
probably would keep her eyes on them, too.

Another shriek of pain
split the air. Flamepaw flinched, the fur standing up along her spine.
There was movement beside her, and she looked over to see Snowpaw.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"Mapleheart is kitting!" Flamepaw answered.

"What? But it's too early! Oh, poor Mapleheart!"

Flamepaw nodded in agreement, turning to look back at the Nursery with a worried look on her face.

There was another shriek. Then there was silence. Flamepaw pricked her ears, listening for any signs of life.

there was a yowl. Flamepaw had never heard a yowl like that. It was
filled with so many conflicting emotions. Anger and hate for whoever
decides who dies, love for the lost one, pain and sorrow for their
death, and horror at the fact that they're gone.

There was a
flicker of movement at the Nursery entrance. Sparrowfeather appeared,
dragging an orange lump of fur. There were gasps of shock and horror
from all around.

Mapleheart was dead. Flamepaw watched in sadness
as Sparrowfeather dragged her body to the center of the clearing.
Mallowpaw followed, a small, limp gray form in her jaws. Last if all
came Ashclaw carrying his own small bundle, a black, orange and white
calico kit.

Mallowpaw set the gray kit next to Mapleheart's body.
It didn't move or mewl, but instead lay lifeless next to it's mother's

Ashclaw came up behind Mallowpaw, falling to the ground
next to Mapleheart. He set the kit he was carrying down gently between
his paws and began to lick it's fur. The kit stirred slightly.

It's alive? Flamepaw thought, shocked. She didn't think it would survive.

were paw steps at the entrance, and a patrol padded into the camp.
Foxwhisper was at the head. He halted, shock taking over his face, when
he saw the scene before him.

"No," he whispered, and Flamepaw had
to strain to hear him. "No!" he yowled much louder. He raced across the
clearing, stopping next to his sister's body. "Mapleheart!"

"I'm sorry," Sparrowfeather meowed to him. "Her kits came too early. She lost too much blood."

Foxwhisper stared at her body silently for a few moments before asking, "Did any survive?"

A she-kit," Sparrowfeather responded, nodding to the kit between
Ashclaw's paws. "But, truthfully, I don't know if she will live much

Foxwhisper fell down next to Ashclaw, staring at the
kit. Ashclaw gently pushed the kit towards him, and Foxwhisper pulled
her close to him and began to lick her ragged pelt. Ashclaw shifted
closer to Mapleheart and began to groom her fur.

Flamepaw watched
it all unfold, sadness filling her to the brim. How could StarClan do
such a thing? She padded forward, joining the cats who were saying their
last goodbyes to Mapleheart.

Moonstar padded up to Foxwhisper
and Ashclaw. "She hunts with StarClan now. She has left all the pain and
unfortunate things down here and is in a better place." She rested her
tail on Foxwhisper's shoulders. "She hunts with your mother, now.
Whitefoot will take good care of her and her kit. Remember that."

Foxwhisper nodded, staring at the ground, his face full of sorrow.

"What will you name them?" Moonstar asked Ashclaw.

"The gray one is Jaykit," Ashclaw said, "and the calico kit will be...will be...Maplekit, in honor of her mother."

Moonstar nodded. "Those are wonderful names," she said.

walked up to Mapleheart's body with Snowpaw, dipping her head and
whispering, "Goodbye, Mapleheart. I hope you have many wonderful moons
in StarClan."

She padded away, making her way to Fleetwind, who sat at the edge of the clearing, looking on sadly.

"Are we going to go hunting again?" Flamepaw asked, eager to get away from all this sadness and pain.

Fleetwind stood and nodded. "Yes, let's go." She turned and padded out of camp, Flamepaw following.

Flamepaw halted and cast one last glance behind her at Mapleheart's body and Ashclaw beside her, still grooming her pelt.

Oh, StarClan. If the love of a mate is this hard, is that why you have kept it from me?
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PostSubject: Re: MoonClan's Prophecy   MoonClan's Prophecy EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 5:58 pm

Chapter 9

Snowpaw stretched, her jaws opening wide in a yawn. Sitting up, she
looked around the den. Sootlife and Lilacslash had been made warriors a
couple of days ago, and since then, the den had felt so empty.

Snowpaw felt excitement filling her as she remembered her assessment
yesterday. She didn't know if she had passed. Sunheart and Fleetwind had
gone straight to Moonstar's den when they got back and hadn't told her
or Flamepaw anything.

Snowpaw stood and left the den, looking around for Sunheart, wanting to
ask him about the results of her assessment. Instead, it was Sootlife
who caught her eye as he padded towards her.

"Hey! Do you want to go hunting?" he asked. "I already asked Scorchfur. He said it was okay."

"Even with all the attacks?" Snowpaw asked, a little surprised.

"Well, I am a warrior and you might as well be considered one since your ceremony will be any day now," Sootlife answered.

"I guess you're right. Just let me eat first, okay?" Snowpaw said.
Sootlife nodded and followed her to the fresh-kill pile. She grabbed a
squirrel and gulped it down in large bites before turning to Sootlife.

"I'm ready!"

"Well come on then!" he said playfully, turning and padding towards the
entrance to camp. Snowpaw followed, walking next to him, so close that
their pelts brushed.

"Have you seen Flamepaw today?" Snowpaw asked.

"Fleetwind took her out to do some battle practice," Sootlife answered.

"Do you know where Sunheart is?"

"Dawn patrol."

Snowpaw nodded. She pricked her ears, listening to the sounds of the forest as they pushed their way out of camp.

"Snowpaw?" Sootlife said.


"Have you told anybody about...our little secret?"

Snowpaw instantly knew what he was talking about. He meant them knowing about Lilacslash and Lilyfur.

"No, Sootlife, I haven't," Snowpaw answered truthfully.

Sootlife let out a breath of relief. "Good."

"Why can't I?" Snowpaw asked. "If we told Moonstar, she could exile Lilacslash and Lilyfur!"

"What if she did?" Sootlife asked. "Lilacslash would still be alive and
more dangerous than before. She would be furious at us for getting her
caught, and I have no doubt she would try to kill you!

"But what if Moonstar didn't believe us? We're talking about the
Deputy's daughter. There's no proof or anything. We would look like
mouse-brains! Lilacslash told me after the attack that if I ever told
anybody, she would kill me and the cat I told." He stopped and looked at
Snowpaw. "I can't lose you!"

Snowpaw stopped to and looked at him straight in his amber eyes. They were filled with love and worry.

"Please don't tell anybody," Sootlife begged quietly.

"I won't," Snowpaw whispered.

"Good," Sootlife said, licking her on top of the head. "Stay away from her as much as possible."

"I will."

"Let's go hunt." Sootlife said. He lifted his head, opening his mouth slightly to breath in the scents.

Snowpaw pricked her ears, closing her eyes and listening. She flicked her ear as a rustling reached it.

Suddenly, she wasn't standing next to Sootlife anymore. Instead, she was
down a tunnel, a light ahead signaling the end. The bounced towards it,
the leaped out, looking around. The world was huge! Trees towered tall
over her. The grass reach up to touch her nose. A beetle crawling on a
stick was the size of a mouse.

Snowpaw bounced over to a patch of grass and began to nibble on it, her
long, skinny ears straight up in the air, listening for predators.

A small rustle sent Snowpaw bouncing back into the hole. As soon as she dove into it, her eyes shot open and she let out a gasp.

Had she just been a rabbit? No! That was impossible! She was a cat!

Snowpaw looked over at Sootlife, but he didn't seem to notice any
difference. She let out a sigh and turned to where she heard the
rustling. Dropping into a crouch, she slid forward, pushing through the
grass and looking around.

A rabbit was nibbling on some grass. A beetle crawled on a stick. There was a hole in the ground a tail-length away.

The fur rose along Snowpaw's spine. It was the same scene she had just seen through the rabbit's eyes. And was that the rabbit?

Trying to forget about what just happened, Snowpaw pounced, landing
square on the rabbit's back and killing it with a bite to the back of
the neck. Grabbing the rabbit in her jaws, she trotted back to Sootlife.

"Nice catch!" he exclaimed when he saw it.

Snowpaw set the rabbit down. "Thanks!" she meowed. Digging a quick hole, she pushed the rabbit into it, then buried it.

"Come on. We will probably have more luck further away from camp," Sootlife said.

Snowpaw nodded and followed him deeper into the forest. She kept her ears pricked, listening for any sounds of prey.

Sootlife suddenly halted. He flicked his tail, motioning to a holly
bush. Snowpaw could hear the squeak of a mouse as it scuttled around
under the bush.

Crouching, Snowpaw slowly made her way around to the other side of the
bush. She found a twig, and brought her paw down quickly on it. It made a
sharp, quick cracking sound as it splintered in half. Snowpaw heard the
mouse take off away from her, then squeak loudly in surprise as it met
Sootlife on the other side. The was rustle and a light thump, then he
padded around the bush, the mouse hanging limply in jaws.

"Nice!" Snowpaw meowed.

Sootlife dropped the mouse. "Thanks! You helped."

Snowpaw shrugged and looked around. "So we have a rabbit and a mouse,"
she meowed, grabbing the mouse and trotting back a little way to where
they had buried the rabbit. She dug it up real quick and dropped the
mouse in with it, covering it back up.

"Yup!" Sootlife looked around. "I'll race you to the clearing by the river!"

Snowpaw laughed. "You're on!" She took a step back and got ready,
planting her paws firmly on the ground and crouching a little. Sootlife
did the same, standing next to her.

"Ready, set, go!" Sootlife said, taking off. Snowpaw raced after him,
running right beside him. The pounded through the forest, two streaks of
white and black. Muscles rippling, hearts racing, they each fought to
pull ahead of the other. Slowly, but surly, Snowpaw pulled ahead.
Sootlife lengthened his strides, trying to come up next to her.

The trees flashed by Snowpaw as her paws drummed on the ground. She
concentrated in the path ahead of her, making sure she didn't fall into
any rabbit holes or any other kind of hole. She was panting hard, her
breaths coming in short gasps.

There was a flicker of movement in the the corner of Snowpaw's eye a
second before the loud bark of a dog filled her ears. She screeched as
she slammed into a furry body. Another yowl overtook the air. A yowl of
alarm. Snowpaw flew backwards, slamming to the ground and rolling, paws
flailing. She gasped in pain as her back paw struck something that felt
like a tree. She slammed into the ground, the wind knocked clean from
her and the ground rocked and tipped.

Snowpaw dug her claws into the ground, willing the trees and underbrush
to stop moving. She heard a yelp and a hiss of anger, then the pounding
of paws racing away. A moment later, a shadow fell across her.

"Snowpaw?" Sootlife's voice was filled with worry. "Are you okay?"

The world had finally stopped moving, but the sick feeling had not
disappeared. Pain was coursing through her back paw, but it was not the
only thing. Snowpaw's brain was pounding against her skull from when she
collided head first into the dog. Her entire body was aching from
slamming into the ground.

Taking deep gasps in order to get her breath back, she slowly, and
painfully, pulled herself up into a sitting position. The world spun
again, her squirrel she had eaten before they went out to hunt
threatening to make a reappearance.

"You!" Sootlife was looking behind Snowpaw. She stiffened, wondering who
was there. Sootlife walked away, vanishing from Snowpaw's sight.
Snowpaw turned her head to glance behind her, seeing Sootlife advance on
a young tom.

The tom was a dark brown tabby, with fur sticking up all over. He was
about the size of Snowpaw and Sootlife, not yet fully grown but very
close. He had bright blue eyes which were currently filled with pain as
he pulled himself to his paws.

Snowpaw realized that she had not in fact slammed into the dog, but had actually collided with this mysterious cat.

"Who are you?" Sootlife growled, standing over the tom. Snowpaw could
understand his harshness. With all the attacks, no rogue or loner could
be trusted.

The cat looked up at Sootlife, and fear clouded his eyes.


"What is your name?" Sootlife hissed.

"Hawk," the tabby answered.

"What are you doing in MoonClan's territory? Did you not smell the scent markers?"

"The dog was chasing me! I couldn't just stop because I crossed into some cat's territory!" Hawk protested.

"Some cat's territory?" Sootlife growled. "We are a whole clan of warriors!"

Hawk was about to say something, but Snowpaw cut him off.

"Sootlife, leave him alone," she said, pulling herself to her paws and
wincing as she put weight on her injured one. Sootlife hurried to her
side, pressing up against her to support her. She gratefully leaned onto
his shoulder.

"Well I am going to go now..." Hawk said, slowly backing away.

"No!" Sootlife growled. "You're coming with us to see Moonstar."

"Moonstar?" Hawk asked, a confused look on his face.

"Our leader," Snowpaw said.

"And her mother," Sootlife added. "I don't think she is going to be very happy with you!"

Snowpaw rolled her eyes. "Sootlife, it was an accident. It's not like he
tried to kill me! Moonstar is very reasonable. She will treat him

Sootlife snorted but didn't say anything. He instead glared at Hawk. "Come on. Let's go."

Hawk flattened his ears against his head and followed as Sootlife padded
beside Snowpaw, supporting her. Glancing back, Snowpaw could see that
Hawk was also struggling in the way he walked and how is face was
contorted in pain.

Looking ahead again, Snowpaw limped along, happy to have Sootlife by her
side. What if he had not been there, and the dog got her and Hawk? She
would have been useless the way she was before she got her breath back.

They came to where they had buried their prey. Sootlife quickly dug them
up, Snowpaw grabbing the mouse while he took the rabbit. They continued
on their way to camp, Hawk tagging along slowly.

Finally, the camp entrance came into view. Snowpaw picked up her pace,
pushing through the bushes and into the camp. A few cats mingled around,
waiting for their patrol.

Sootlife looked back at Hawk. "Do as anybody says and don't run off," he growled.

Hawk nodded, the fear returning to his eyes.

Snowpaw limped over to where her mother sat washing by her den. She looked up as they approached.

"Snowpaw! What happened? You look like you were attacked by a-" she stopped as she noticed Hawk. "Who is that?"

"A loner we found in the forest," Sootlife answered.

"We were racing and he appeared out of no where. We collided," Snowpaw said.

"And there was a dog chasing him, but I took care of it. It wasn't all that big and terrifying." Sootlife said with a glance back at Hawk, who
snorted with annoyance.

"A dog? I need to send out a patrol to go make sure it's gone. But
first," she pushed past Snowpaw and Sootlife to look at Hawk, who met
Moonstar's gaze. Snowpaw stood next to her mother, Sootlife on the other
side of her.

"What is your name?"

"Hawk," Hawk answered.

"Who is this, Moonstar?" Scorchfur came padding up to stand beside her,
Lilacslash right behind, taking the spot on the other side of her

Snowpaw glanced at Lilacslash as she stared down at Hawk. She could feel
Sootlife tensing next to her. Lilacslash had a look on her face that
sent shivers up her spine. She looked as if she was looking him over,
like prey, like she was making sure he was nice a plump.

Snowpaw quickly looked away, back at Hawk. She didn't want to think about that.

"This is Hawk, a loner Sootlife and Snowpaw found in the forest," Moonstar meowed to Scorchfur and Lilacslash.

Scorchfur narrowed his eyes at Hawk. "Did he attack them?"

"No. Snowpaw and him ran into each other accidentally."

"Do you think he is the one who killed Whitefoot and Coldheart?"

Snowpaw couldn't help but notice Lilacslash's ears perk up as she continued to stare at Hawk.

"No. I have serious doubts," Moonstar meowed.

"What do you mean, 'the one who killed Whitefoot and Coldheart'?" Hawk asked.

"Quiet!" Scorchfur snapped.

"Calm down, Scorchfur. He is asking a good question," Moonstar said. She
looked back at Hawk. "We have found some of our cats mysteriously
murdered in our territory."

"That's awful!" Hawk exclaimed. "But you have to believe me, I have not killed any of your cats! Why would I?"

"That is just what the killer would say!" Scorchfur exclaimed.

Moonstar sighed. She stared at Hawk for a few moments, a thoughtful look
crossing her face. "Hawk, would you like to join MoonClan?"

"What?" Scorchfur and Sootlife exclaimed at the same time.

"What? Really?" Hawk asked.

"If you want to. It's your choice. Either leave our territory forever or stay with us," Moonstar meowed.

"Oh! You should stay!" Snowpaw exclaimed.

"What does a clan do?" Hawk asked.

"We hunt and train for combat to protect and defend our territory,"
Moonstar answered. "You would train with a mentor for multiple moons
before becoming a warrior and earning your warrior name."

"I am still an apprentice, which is a warrior in training. That is why my name ends with 'paw'!" Snowpaw added.

"You would become Hawkpaw, and your mentor would teach you many survival
skills. Once you prove yourself, you would earn your warrior name. But
you must remember, there are many hardships, like sickness and hunger.
But we pull through every year, especially with the help of our medicine
cat, Sparrowfeather, and her apprentice, Mallowpaw," Moonstar said. "Do
you accept?"

"Yes!" Hawk exclaimed. "I do accept your offer!"

"Great!" Moonstar said happily. "And speaking of warrior ceremonies,"
Snowpaw felt herself tense with excitement as her mother turned to her.
"Go get your sister. It is time."

"Really?" Snowpaw asked, her heart racing. Moonstar nodded, an amused
look crossing her face. Snowpaw turned and raced away as fast as she
could with her injured paw. She spotted Flamepaw padded towards the
fresh-kill pile, prey stuffed in her jaws.

"Flamepaw! We're going to be warriors! Moonstar is going to do our ceremony now!" she yowled, skidding to a halt by her sister.

"Really?" Flamepaw asked after dumping her prey on the pile. She glanced
past Snowpaw, confusion flickering across her face. "Who is that?"

Snowpaw glanced back, seeing Hawkpaw watching them. "A loner Sootlife and I found. He's joining the clan."

"Wow! How exciting! I can't believe Moonstar is letting a loner in the clan after the attacks!" Flamepaw said.

"MoonClan! Come join me beneath the High Limb!" Moonstar's call rang
across the clearing. She sat up on the High Limb that hung over the
Leader's den set in the roots at the base. Cats instantly gathered,
settling down to hear Moonstar's words. Sparrowfeather padded out of her
den and sat down just outside of it. Maplekit had been confined to the
Medicine Den since her birth a few days ago. Since then, she had opened
her eyes and improved greatly, but she was still very small, and
Sparrowfeather still worried the kit would not make it.

Snowpaw and Flamepaw padded up and squeezed into the crowd, settling down in between Thrushpelt and Shimmermist.

"MoonClan, today Sootlife and Snowpaw were in the forest, and they found
a loner named Hawk," she nodded to Hawk sitting at the base if the
tree. "I do not believe he has anything to do with the deaths, and have
asked him to join MoonClan. He accepted."

A few cats exchanged shocked whispers as Moonstar spoke, but she ignored
them. Instead, she leaped down from the High Limb and stood in front if

"Are you sure you want to join MoonClan to learn the ways of being a warrior?" she asked.

"Yes," Hawk answered.

"Then from this moment on, until he has received his warrior name, this
apprentice shall be know as Hawkpaw. Scorchfur, you are ready for your
next apprentice. You shall be mentor to Hawkpaw."

Both Hawkpaw and Scorchfur looked shocked, but Scorchfur stood anyway and padded forward, lower his head to touch noses.

Snowpaw watched Moonstar whisper something in Hawkpaw's ear before he
leaned up and touched his nose to Scorchfur's. Scorchfur turned and
padded away to sit down, flicking his tail for Hawkpaw to follow.

"Now we have one more ceremony today. Snowpaw, Flamepaw, please come forward."

Snowpaw stood and pushed through the crowd, all pain in her paw
forgotten as the excitement of the moment took over. She stopped in
front if her mother, Flamepaw padding up to stand beside her.

Moonstar tipped her head back to look up at the sky. The sun shone down from above, warming the camp.

"I, Moonstar, leader of MoonClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look
down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the
ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their

Moonstar looked down at her kits, her eyes glowing with pride. "Snowpaw,
Flamepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this
clan, even at the cost of your lives?"

"I do!" the two sisters said in union.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Snowpaw,
from this moment on you shall be known as Snowdawn. StarClan honors
your courage and bravery, and we all welcome you as a full warrior of
MoonClan." Moonstar stepped towards her and rested her chin on
Snowdawn's head. Snowdawn licked her shoulder before stepping back and
holding her head up high.

Moonstar turned to Flamepaw. "Flamepaw, from this moment on you shall be
known as Flamepool. StarClan honors your patience and skill, and we all
welcome you as a full warrior of MoonClan." Moonstar rested her chin on
Flamepool's head, and Snowdawn watched as her sister licked Moonstar's
shoulder before stepping back.

"Snowdawn! Flamepool! Snowdawn! Flamepool!" Snowdawn stood tall as the
clan chanted her and her sister's name. She would remember this day for
as long as she lived, and even in StarClan, this memory would live on in
her mind.
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